Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Draft Minutes of Meeting Held on 7th March 2011


Present ††††††††††††† G Baker, K Cockroft, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, S Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies/Absent†††††† V Barnes, S Cambourne, M Read,


Minutes of†† †previous meeting agreed and signed.


Treasurerís Report† The report covered two months. 100 club not started as still chasing members for subs. Money retained in current account for water heater. SV gave KC expenses claim and receipt for a previous one plus a copy of the request from Mendip for purchase orders before sending future invoices, AO also has a copy. KC pointed out high electric bill and suggested checking rate charged at meter in main hall.† SV asked him to let her have current costs per unit and standing charge so can work out fair rate to charge hirers at meter.

Booking Clerkís Report AO noted pancake races and litter clean up in addition to regular hirers. Committee confirmed no charge for WIís hire for refreshments after litter pick as for all village. SV asked committee if any objections to her hiring hall overnight on Sat 16th April to sleep some guests from party in pub, agreed OK. KC had checked with insurers and SV able to comply with all their provisos. SV to confirm booking with AO as soon as possible and if going ahead contact dancers to ask if they could either postpone or delay start of their Sun morn booking.


Correspondence SV had received 1) invite from Community Council to information session on fundraising for building projects. 2) Purchase order request as in Treasurerís report.

Maintenance 1) Water heater: Lawrence Fairfield had been to do PAT tests and assessed power supply re possible 9kw heater at same time. Had given verbal quote of £600 to install new supply which made total of around £720 including heater. After much discussion committee decided to buy a similar water heater to the present one which needs replacing due to rusting and an internal drip which canít be fixed. A straw poll amongst members found that we had only received one complaint about the present† 25litres tank being too small so decided to buy another of these as the larger one we had considered would cost more to heat water and much of this would be wasted. This will cost less than £500, SV to order and Daggs will install. 2) SV mentioned the large crack in flower tub at rear of building but GB felt no action needed on this at the moment. 3) Daggs had adjusted side door latch.


Fund raising 1) Quiz on Sat March 26th 7.30 bar for 8pm start.† SV had sent letters to groups and so far 6 teams booked in with WI still to come and one or two more possiblities. RO had created new poster, to e mail to SV who will print off, laminate and put up by end of this week.† RO offered to produce short version for flyers if needed SV will decide after WI meeting. SV to arrange drinks and man door.† KC to man bar with Daggs.† RAFFLE PRIZES† SV had forgotten to put request for these in parish mag so anything committee members can donate very welcome. SV will buy one or two prizes from funds if needed, had already bought Easter Eggs for booby prizes. Shield still with Nick Worthington (friend of LA Raiders last yearís winners) and he is to drop it into Bell. 2) Fete, all going ahead ok, evening ball has been adapted to a barn dance. SV gave her apologies about being away and not able to help on the day but will make some cakes.

AOB† 1) SV thanked GB and Clive for all the work they are putting in keeping the hedges and other plants around the Hall in good order.


Next meeting Tuesday April 12th at 8pm. PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF DAY THIS MONTH