Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Draft Minutes of Meeting Held on 12th April 2011


Present               G Baker, K Cockroft, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, S Vaughan


Apologies/Absent       V Barnes, S Cambourne, M Read, B Wigmore


Minutes of    previous meeting were taken as read from the website and signed.


Treasurer’s Report  The quiz had made a better profit than most years at £291.70 although there were some small refreshment expenses still to come out. SV reminded KC to let her have the electric unit costs or at least a recent bill so we can work out if we need to increase the charge rate at the meter.  Two draws of the 100 club as follows: First 1) Ann Orpwood, 2) Francis Patch, 3) Paul Moore.  Second 1) Ann and Trevor Wells 2) Paul Burlison 3) Ty Schlechter 


Booking Clerk’s Report This looked rather sparse due to the Easter break but did include a children’s party and a private overnight hire.  SV had two issues of concern following the recent craft sale run by the Owl Babies group.  There had been a gazebo for an art sale attached to the fire door exit in the bar area and SV pointed out this was contravening the fire regulations. The building regulations permission for the new small meeting room had only been given on the agreement of providing this fire escape thus ensuring safe exit from the room in the case of emergency.  AO and RO to bear this in mind for future hirers. The door had also become jammed and someone had been observed attempting to kick it shut from the outside. Daggs had investigated and it was just a stone blocking the closing but a small section of wood on the outside of the door has been split off and will need repairing. 


Correspondence AO had received 1) a letter from a fire safety company, most of which not applicable to us but could check PAT rates next year and 2) Details from Mendip of a new Hygiene rating scheme, including posters to display stating our rating. KC gave new Lockhart catalogue to SV.


Maintenance 1) Water heater now arrived, Daggs to install soon, hopefully Easter 2) GB had removed cracked flower pot but still looking for homes for couple of large plants which had “escaped” from it.


Fund raising 1) Quiz in March was a big success with a lot of teams and good profit. Committee acknowledged could make more money if did food and charged more but preferred to keep format as it is.  2) SV reported that although Take Art was still being funded in most areas of Somerset, Mendip has withdrawn their support. T.A.to arrange for Mendip promoters to meet and discuss if a way forward, SV will attend if arranged but hard to see how we could afford similar acts without subsidy.  SV asked all committee members to keep a look out in local papers etc for ideas for an entertainment we could put on around October.  SV will contact Sian Williams to see if she is still writing plays.  3) SV had received a letter from Ann and Trevor Wells proposing they run a monthly film night in the Hall, probably starting in September. The committee was doubtful the average audience of 60 required would be attainable but agreed to let the Wells have the hall free of charge for 3 months if they wished to try. The committee did not feel we could take any financial liability for the venture but should just regard it as a normal booking.  SV to write to the Wells and explain our position and offer. 4) fete – raffle tickets available for those who did not already have them.

AOB  1) GB reminded us that the Queen’s Golden Jubilee is in 2012 and suggested a celebration in the Hall would be a good idea, something to think about in the next few months. 2) A maintenance morning was arranged for Sat 7th May from 10am to clear gutters, clean paint etc.