Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Draft Minutes of Meeting Held on 3rd May 2011


Present               G Baker, V Barnes, K Cockroft, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, S Vaughan


Apologies/Absent       S Cambourne, M Read, B Wigmore


Minutes of    previous meeting were agreed and signed after date of meeting changed.


Treasurer’s Report  No unexpected expenses and KC to now transfer some money from current to investment account. SV gave in her expenses claim which included cost of fittings for water heater, labour given free of charge. 100 club draw as follows: 1) Sue & Dave Mattick, 2) Derek Robinson, 3) Liz Robinson. 


Booking Clerk’s Report There had been an enquiry from Graham Harris re hiring some large tables for his plant sale. This did clash with another hire for Rec Field but committee agreed these unlikely to need red tables as well as usual ones so fine for Graham to have red ones, AO to let him know. SV had been in touch with Anne Wells over possible booking for Moviola film night but had heard nothing back since last e mail a couple of weeks ago. KC understood she is very busy at the moment so this could be why.  SV gave AO money for her booking of 16th/17th April. AO to do invoice.


Correspondence SV had received 1) e mail from A & T Wells, see above,  plus sent letter and e mail 2) Invitation from Take Art to attend a promoters meeting to discuss loss of funding. 3) Letter from Mendip to check database, no action needed 4) e mail from Chris Cudmore re Annual Parish Meeting, SV unable to attend, KC will go and SV will send him report to read out. KC had received a letter and statement from EDF which seemed to be suggesting we send in our own meter reading. SV suggested we locate this and contact them but will look at letter etc before acting. Also still needs actual bill to see what rate we are paying in case we need to adjust our pay meter, KC to provide one.


Maintenance 1) Daggs had installed water heater now arrived, vote of thanks for him from committee. VB to check hot water set at suitable temperature for children’s use. 2) GB reported that Graham Harris had found side fire escape door in main hall to be draughty. Temporary measure of “sausage” draught excluder suggested, KC has one, but will need to see if long term solution possible, SV to ask Daggs to have a look. “escaped” from it. 3) SV had weedkilled car park.


Fund raising 1) Two suggestions made for possible autumn event, SV to follow up. SV had e mailed Sian Williams re her plays but no reply yet 2) Fete – all on course although not now having a dance in the evening as not enough support for the idea, may be one will be arranged for 2012 fete.

AOB  1) GB felt notice on bin in ladies loo needed replacing, SV to do. 2) SV confirmed maintenance morning going ahead on Sat 7th May from 10am to clear gutters, clean paint etc. GB and KC unable to attend but Daggs had offered to help. 3) VB said Amy from Toddler group had sent apologies about erecting gazebo over fire exit door at recent craft sale, committee accepted this had just been an error and fortunately had not caused any problems. However AO will ensure hirers leave it clear in future. 4) Very hard to find date for next meeting, 1st Monday fete meeting with several committee members attending. Decided on Thurs 9th although this will clash with Art, if we use side door should not disturb them.


Next meeting Thursday June 9th at 8pm. NOTE CHANGE OF DAY AGAIN THIS MONTH

                                                                                       AND PLEASE USE SIDE DOOR SEE ABOVE