Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Draft Minutes of Meeting Held on 9th June 2011


Present               K Cockroft, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, S Vaughan


Apologies/Absent       G Baker, V Barnes, S Cambourne, M Read, B Wigmore


Minutes of    previous meeting were agreed and signed after extra words deleted from Maintenance section.


Treasurer’s Report  KC gave his report noting that the deposit account pays little interest and will investigate moving it. He also announced his retirement as treasurer, which will take effect at end of financial year (or at AGM? Need to clarify). SV asked committee to start thinking about suggestions for a replacement. 100 club draw as follows: 1) Jan  & Colin Horn, 2) K R Davis, 3) Jan Valentine. 


Booking Clerk’s Report  AO reported no payment yet from booking for election, will chase. Owl Babies had booked date in July for Bingo. No contact still from Anne or Trevor Wells. Caroline and Graham Harris had reported several white saucers missing but committee found them in cupboard after meeting. SV and AO to do inventory on Mon 1st Aug from 10am.


Correspondence SV had received 1) letter from PRS asking for correct contact details, passed to KC as he always deals with this. Will send in his own with rider that will, (temporarily), be SV once he retires from post. 2) Somerset Waste Partnership letter asking for e mail address and including leaflets to display. 3) Copy of Thatch downloaded from e mail. 4) Letter from Just Text inviting us to register for charity donations, not relevant to village hall. 


Maintenance 1) KC had been contacted by Mrs Rabbitts about another nappy blocking a toilet, this time in the gents. SV had now put a notice in there asking people not to put any more down, she had also replaced the worn notice on the bin in the ladies.  2) It was reported that one of the tea urns was leaking and RO took it home to see if repairable. 3) SV had investigated old side fire door and found it has gone rotten. Will get quotes from double glazing companies for replacement. 4) Daggs had cleared out gutters and SV cleaned window surrounds. 5) During meeting committee noticed dripping sound from water heater, Daggs will investigate.


Fund raising 1) RO had attended meeting of village hall promoters no longer getting Take Art funding, they are applying for Arts Council grant but not confident of getting it. Wookey Hall may have contacts for music acts. SV had followed up two bands but both cost £300, hard to make profit on these costs. RO will ask dulcimer bells lady if knows any other act, folk singers or other, who could pair with them to make whole evening as bells only 45 mins and SV will contact Shepton Big Band and Downside Jazz band. Decision to be made at July meeting for Oct/Nov event.

AOB  KC told SV that she had been successfully nominated for a Community Council award, by John Phillips and backed by the committee, shortly after the extension was erected. It had been hoped to arrange for the trophy and certificate to be presented by now but this had been postponed several times partly due to SV being away when it was planned. SV will contact Eileen Zoers to say she now knows about it and to arrange collection.


Next meeting Monday 4th July at 8pm.