Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Draft Minutes of Meeting Held on 4th July 2011


Present         G Baker, V Barnes K Cockroft, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, S Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies/Absent S Cambourne, M Read,


Minutes of    previous meeting were agreed and signed .


Treasurer’s Report  KC told us that he had negotiated a reduction in the current electric bill. Also he had received a request for payment of fee from small lottery organisation. SV asked if this related to prize draw we had run some time ago or to the regular 100 Club, KC to investigate. KC clarified that he will remain as treasurer until the AGM in Nov and is happy to give all information needed to person taking over from him. 100 club draw as follows: Special Draw, winner Sarah Bates, Monthly Draw, 1) Steve Anderson, 2) Sue and Dave Mattick, 3) Sue and Dave Mattick. 


Booking Clerk’s Report  Payment from election booking now received. Owl Babies Bingo now looking uncertain due to lack of ticket sales. Leaking urn had been cleared of limescale and now working again, many thanks to RO. AO will pass diary etc to SV to hold while away. Confirmed SV and AO to do inventory on Mon 1st Aug from 10am.


Correspondence None received except item in treasurer’s report and quote mentioned below. 


Maintenance 1) SV had obtained 2 verbal and one written quote for replacement of side fire door which had gone rotten. KC and other committee members thought Parish Council may be able to buy this and Hall Committee reimburse them thus avoiding VAT. SV did not think this possible but BW agreed to contact Chris Cudmore to check as soon as possible. SV to arrange purchase and instalment one way or the other as soon as has information from PC, need to get work done in summer holidays if possible.2) Daggs had been back to check dripping sound in water heater but no water coming out of overflow so could just be filling up after use. Committee to keep track of this when in hall. 3) A replacement padlock was needed for cupboards, SV to buy.


Fund raising 1) Re autumn event SV had contacted 2 bands but quite expensive at between £300 and £350, making it hard to cover our costs. RO had met with the dulcimer bells player at The Bear and heard a recording of the folk singer/guitarist she suggested who could play for the second half of a concert, total cost being £200. A provisional date for this of October 15th, 7.30pm bar for 8pm start, was agreed by the committee and RO will check if performers can both do this or an alternative date. A discussion followed on level of ticket prices to include food and SV asked members to think about this before the next meeting when we will make more arrangements for the event.

AOB  1) SV had received a certificate for the Community Council Trustee of the Year award as detailed in June minutes. She brought it to show the committee and put it on display in the Hall until the next year’s award is due in October. The glass trophy could be collected from Taunton but would need to be returned by then and SV had decided to leave it with the CC. 2) GB reported that Graham Harris had agreed to arrange a celebration in the Hall for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012 on behalf of the ALC.  She also announced her resignation from the fete committee after many years of hard work. 3) SV noted she had only recently realised Marsha Read had stood down from the PC. As she was their rep on Hall committee SV assumed she would no longer be a member but will send next minutes with a note to check. BW now to be PC rep on Hall committee.


No meeting in August. Next meeting Monday 5th September at 8pm.