Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Draft Minutes of Meeting Held on 5th Sept 2011


Present               G Baker, K Cockroft, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, S Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies/Absent       V Barnes, S Cambourne


Minutes of    previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report  KC’s report showed, amongst other items, receipt of the money from the village fair and from the rates rebate plus the payment for the new emergency exit door. 100 club draws as follows: Draw 1, 1) Jo Anderson, 2) S Glover, 3) Sandra O’Sullivan.  Draw 2, 1) Shelagh Haywood, 2) Sue Cambourne, 3) Sue and Dave Mattick. 


Booking Clerk’s Report  AO and SV had completed inventory in holidays. Booking received from a Scott Little for Gold and Silver purchase session on Wed 7th Sept, SV to let in, AO to send her the invoice to give him. All regular bookings due to continue.


Correspondence KC had received leaflet from GoPak and general leaflets from Bristol Water and HSBC.  SV had received 1) booklets from Somerset Pumps and Interclamp 2) Booking form for Village Halls Conference on Sat 15th Oct, 3) Reply from Somerset NHS re Coleford pharmacy objection (‘Chair of Hall committee’ added on letter sent by SV), 4) Notice of Community Council AGM 20th Sept, 5) Community Council Review 6) Letter from Mendip DC re marketing Hall, meeting arranged by SV for 29th Sept, 7) Receipts, (handed to KC) and Guarantee from New Windows for door, 8) Info on grants 9) Letter from Mendip asking if any problems when hall used as polling station, 10) Copy of Thatch. 


Maintenance 1) Emergency exit door installed and looking good. 2) Observation had led committee to agree dripping sound in water heater probably just filling after use. 3) Still need replacement padlock and drawer lock, SV to buy. 4) SV had weedkilled car park but some re-growth at front, will do when get dry patch. 5) SV still also to do small repair and re-paint outside of exit door adjacent to bar area. 6) GB brought up state of plastic chairs, a concern for some time, mainly the rusty legs. After discussion it was suggested and agreed to hold a maintenance session on Wed 21st from 2pm. RO to bring black Hammerite type paint and he and other committee members to bring dust sheets, newspaper, wire brush (or sandpaper?) plus old paintbrushes.


Fund raising 1) Autumn folk event now confirmed for October 15th, bar from 7.30pm for 8.00pm start. RO to produce poster, flyer and tickets and e mail to SV who will print out, erect posters and contact Margaret Loten to have flyers put in mag. SV will arrange all drinks, GB to arrange food, probably ploughman type, tickets to be Ł7.50 including the light supper. SV to check doesn’t clash with Rec Field’s Whist Drive and to see if possible for them to change if it does. KC and RO to man bar. Did not mention raffle but need to get prizes if possible.

AOB  1) KC had been advised by Chubb that we should have a fire log book to record fire drills or advice given out at meetings for ourselves and hiring groups. SV agreed to buy one and AO will send out notices to regular hirers reminding them of procedure in case of fire and to advise their members at least once a year, SV will e mail Fire Instructions notice which is already up in hall near bell. 2) SV had given last minutes to Marsha Read with note to say unless told to contrary we would assume she had resigned from hall committee, no answer so obviously has resigned.


Chair maintenances session, Wed 21st Sept, next Hall meeting Monday 3rd October at 8pm.