Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT  Minutes of Meeting Held on 7th Nov 2011


Present               G Baker, V Barnes, E. Brooks, K Cockroft, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison,

S Vaughan,


Apologies/Absent       S Cambourne, B Wigmore


Minutes of    previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report  KC had prepared the accounts as at 7th November as well as bringing along the audit yearly accounts to sign off prior to the AGM. 100 club draw as follows: 1) KR Davies, 2) Maurice White, 3) Peter Bates. 


Booking Clerk’s Report  RO made special mention of high number of children’s parties in Hall during past year and it was felt this was partly due to hire charge being lower than alternative venues. In general bookings were still good. There was some dispute over amount received from yoga booking, AO and KC to sort out.


Correspondence AO had received letter from Chubb re free security survey, SV to look into it and decide if worth doing. SV had received various info from Community Council via e mail including current copy of Thatch but had not brought to meeting, will print off and bring to next one.


Maintenance 1) GB had replaced curtain rail over exit door and planned to let down the hems of the curtains as now a gap to the floor. 2) GB also concerned about “ledge” formed in car park on the Bell’s part leading on to ours, SV to see if anything can be done, either with some of existing gravel or asking Brian to get brewery to deal with it. 3) AO reported hot tap in kitchen leaking SV to ask Daggs to sort.


Fund raising 1) Intricate folk evening had been very enjoyable and profit of around £130 had been made, better than expected at one point as bookings had been very slow. 2) Quiz next March/April. SV will ask if Kathy Simpson is willing to set it this year, had offered for last year but could not do due to other commitments. If not will ask Worleys as usual. 

AOB  1) Actually carried out at start of meeting – signing of Annual Accounts and Annual Report, required to do before AGM following meeting. 2) SV reported message via BW from David Chandler who runs art group. He was proposing making display boards for art group’s work to put on Hall’s walls at cost to us of £29 a frame. A single display board had been suggested to art group just after completion of extension when walls rather bare but as there had been no response we had erected a large notice board, (obtained free of charge), for bowls and other groups’ use. After speaking to BW it became clear the proposal was for 4 A4 size frames, which would presumably total nearly £130. The committee found this totally unacceptable and in fact did not agree with paying anything for Art Group frames. SV to go and speak to David Chandler at end of this week’s art session to explain our position. 3) GB said notices in outside board looked as if they needed replacing, SV will check and arrange replacements if necessary. 4) AO reminded us there had been a pair of glasses and a jumper left in the Hall, SV to put in article for Dec mag. 5) It was pointed out that we needed the next committee meeting before Friday 2nd Dec, when the church were holding their Christmas fair, so we could put he decorations up.


Next Hall meeting Monday 28th November at 8pm (This is the December meeting brought forward see AOB)