Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT  Minutes of Meeting Held on 28th Nov 2011 (Dec meeting)


Present               G Baker, E. Brooks, K Cockroft, A Orpwood, D Pattison,

S Vaughan,


Apologies/Absent       R Orpwood, B Wigmore


Election of officers.  D Pattison was elected as treasurer to replace K Cockroft who is resigning from the committee. S Vaughan agreed to continue as secretary and chair and A. and R Orpwood as booking clerks. S Vaughan gave new committee members E Brooks and D Pattison their induction packs.


Minutes of    previous meeting were agreed and signed after small correction of “audit” to “audited”.


Treasurer’s Report  KC had prepared his final set of accounts. The yoga payment had evidently been credited but this could not be confirmed until statement covering that period received. The 100 club draw included the extra Christmas prize which was won by Joan and David Pattison, the winners of the monthly draw were as follows: 1) Tony Gould, 2) Ann and Jan Robson, 3) Roger Orpwood. 


Booking Clerk’s Report  AO gave members a list of December bookings plus one of contact details of regular Hall users. She also gave SV a new Hiring Rates notice to put on the outside board. SV and AO to meet at Hall at 10am Mon 5th Dec to clear leaves.


Correspondence SV had received none in post but had printed off copy of Thatch as agreed at previous meeting. Nothing in it relevant to our hall but SV had thought article on funding for sports facilities of possible interest to Rec Field and had sent copy to Vicky Higgins.


Maintenance 1) SV thanked GB for altering the door curtains following erection of new curtain rail. 2) SV had not acted on the hole in Bell’s car park but would ask Daggs to put some gravel in when had time and point situation out to Brian in pub.3) 2 coloured bulbs replaced after meeting, SV to order more.4) SV raised issue of re-coating of main floor as advised by company who re-surfaced it 3 years ago. Committee wanted to investigate doing it ourselves and to make decision next June for possible work in summer holidays. SV to check materials used by Total Care and inform committee.


Fund raising 1) Quiz next March/April. SV had asked Kathy Simpson if willing to set it this year but no reply yet, will chase and approach Worleys if necessary. Provisional date agreed of Sat 24th March SV noted will need new fete rep for first meeting on 30th Jan. RO is considering if willing to do. AO suggested asking to do bran tub or similar as WI now doing cake stall, not shared refreshment tent. 

AOB  1) SV had met with David Chandler who had offered to pay for one of the two frames he wants to display art work in the Hall if committee would pay for the other (approx £30). Committee agreed to do so, SV to inform David. 2) AO asked for details of current key holders and it was noted that the insurers only agree to 5 being issued. 3) SV had taken faded notices out of outside board and will replace with new Hall and Under Fives ones. 4) SV had put info in (Dec) parish mag on items left in Hall. 5) Graham Harris had noted he was the only one filling in fire drill book, AO to issue reminder of all procedures and hiring conditions to regular bookers in New Year.


Next Hall meeting Tuesday 3rd January 8pm (Monday is Bank Holiday, short mat bowls not re-starting until 10th)