Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 6th Feb 2012


Present               G Baker, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies/Absent       E Brooks,


Minutes of    previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report  DP had prepared his report plus had made several payments recently, including the water bill, Mrs Rabbitts wages and the music licences, which have doubled from previous years to £102, due to new regulations. He asked committee to confirm if OK to pay Dave Jarvis’ bill dating back from April to present. SV thought probably correct but suggested checking files to see charges in previous year. Money had started coming in for the 100 club but only about 30 renewals so far. SV had put request for people to join in village mag. DP also asked if could pay water bills by direct debit, committee had no objection. Bank mandate for signatures still not finalised.


Booking Clerk’s Report  Usual regular bookings but the list for February included half term week, which was mainly quiet although the toddler group intended clearing out their shed on the Tues as they had a mouse infestation. There was a booking in the following week for FOLS pancake races.


Correspondence   SV had received a programme of coming events from Take Art (no longer covering the Mendip DC Area), the Annual Return request from the Charity Commission (passed to DP) and an e-mail from Mendip via Chris Cudmore on meetings for anyone organising events for Queen’s jubilee.


Maintenance 1) SV had put note on car parked in Hall car park for several weeks asking owner to contact her or remove it, no response yet. 2) Mrs Rabbitts had reported vacuum cleaner broken. Daggs had checked plug fuse etc but cause not obvious. SV rang Vax  who said there was a £60 standard repair charge and due to this and fact it had been very noisy to use she decided to ask committee if could get a new one. SV had found 3 suitable cleaners on the Which site which were rated as not being too noisy as well as getting good marks in other categories. After a brief discussion committee gave her the go ahead to order one of these. 3) Daggs had spotted a slight gap where new double glazed doors meet in the middle. SV had rung company and is meeting with someone on Thurs 16th


Fund raising 1) Annual quiz 24th March: RO to create posters and flyers and help man bar. SV to print docs, put up posters and deliver flyers to Robsons for March mag. SV also to buy drinks, take ticket and raffle money on door and get shield back. Daggs to assist on bar and on door as required. SV asked committee for any raffle prizes and will also put request for donations in March mag. GB to arrange crisps and nuts. BW will ask Parish Council to put in team, DP unable to attend but will let SV and RO have float. 2) RO and DP had both been at first fete meeting. No definite job arranged for Hall committee yet. RO had pointed out that many of us also had other commitments, mainly WI, but were able to consider something which did not need too many staff at once e.g. bran tub or similar.


AOB  1) Following conversation with SV, BW told committee it was possible lottery money for signs would stretch to frames for Hall, as to be partly used to display photos of carving work.  2) SV had given thank you card to Keith with various signatures  3) DP had been requested to send letter to Maddy to confirm charity status of dog show, SV to forward a previous one to him. 4) Due to increase in music license costs etc committee to consider raising charges. DP to report figures at next meeting.


Next Hall meeting Monday 5th March 8pm