Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT  Minutes of Meeting Held on 5th Mar 2012


Present               G Baker, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies/Absent       E Brooks,


Minutes of    previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report  DP and RO to go to HSBC to sort out confusion over signatures on bank mandate, which should then be able to be completed. Dave Jarvis had been paid, the bill being slightly less than that for previous year. SV gave DP application form and notes re applying for online banking which committee agreed would be appropriate to view statements, not needed for making payments for which 2 signatures on cheques advised by charity commission and required by bank. DP still to do budget in connection with possible hiring charges increase to ensure we cover increased music licence fees. 100 club draw made 1st) Alastair Weston, 2nd) Brenda Wigmore, 3rd) Rosine Houston.


Booking Clerk’s Report  New enquiry from a Zumba dance teacher, AO and RO to liase with her, may take Tues eve once bowls finishes for summer until bowls re-starts. Hall well booked throughout March. SV enquired about a Tuesday “Wild Walks” booking in April which EB had been concerned may clash with toddler group but this is for one week only at Leigh during Easter holidays, other walks are in other locations.


Correspondence   1) SV had received a letter about filters for the new cleaner in addition to the booklets, which came with it. The main filter is very expensive and hopefully won’t need replacing as often  (yearly) as they suggest. 2) a letter re village hall insurance passed to DP. 3) e mail from Emma letting us know about the new baby as well as her concern about the Walks booking, committee all send their congratulations.


Maintenance 1) The long term parked car has now gone. 2) New vacuum cleaner bought and in place, thankfully a lot quieter than old one. 3) New double glazed doors adjusted by New Windows, now no gap. 4) Front door of Hall again causing problems closing, SV will get Daggs to have a look at it. 5) BW reported smell in main store, SV thought probably on going mould problem, will do new notice for door asking hirers to leave it open. 6) GB offered to again cut back foliage round car park when necessary. 7) Agreed to hold maintenance morning from 10 am on Sat 12th May to include sort out under stage and painting of old steps.


Fund raising 1) Annual quiz 24th March: Many thanks to RO for creating posters and flyers which SV had printed out and distributed. SV to buy drinks and man door, AO to assist on door. RO and Daggs to do bar. GB to buy crisps and nuts, SV to advise her of numbers nearer time. SV to firm up request for teams at WI. SV to e mail drinks prices and type of float needed to DP and to take money from event to him on Sunday 25th  2) Fete – committee felt we should definitely do a specific job as well as helping WI etc RO to try and arrange something.


AOB  1) Umbrella left in Hall after Sunday’s booking to do with unveiling of village signs, SV will put note in village mag. 2) Committee still concerned about very uneven car park area in front of Hall, SV to write to Wadworths to ask them to repair it.


Next Hall meeting Monday 2nd April 8pm