Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


 DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 2nd Apr 2012


Present               G Baker, E Brooks, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan


Apologies/Absent       B Wigmore


Minutes of    previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report  DP to send monthly report later as had been unable to complete in time. Various payments had been made, Charity Commission document submitted, bank signatories finalised and internet access applied for. He had also, with Clive Baker, replaced the hinges on the front door and was thanked by SV on behalf of the committee for what had been a lengthy job. The budget to check if current hire charges are covering the increased music licence fees still o/s. 100 club now up to 64, results of the draw were as follows. 1st) Tony Gould, 2nd) Denis Pattison, 3rd) Shelagh Haywood.


Booking Clerk’s Report  The Zumba classes are to go ahead from 7-8pm on Tues evenings. Bookings light for April, mainly due to Easter although more at end of month including the pre-school table top sale and the tea and cakes by the WI after their village walk.


Correspondence   SV had received 1) 6 year parts and labour guarantee certificate for new vacuum cleaner, will file. 2) Request for, free, membership renewal from Mendip Community Support, will send form back agreeing, and finally 3) e mailed copy of Thatch. SV had also sent letter to Wadworths as requested by committee re bad state of repair of car park but had received no answer to date.


Maintenance 1) Both long term parked cars now gone. 2) Front door repaired, see treasurer’s report. 3) Daggs had tightened up screws on child lock in kitchen drawer 4) SV had replaced battery in clock in main hall and would put spare in bottom drawer in kitchen. Had also put notice on door of storeroom asking hirers to leave it open. 5) Reports of problems with coin slot meter in main hall: SV had found that all the heaters (including the storage one in the small meeting room) had been switched off by person/s unknown and the individual switches in the control box had also been switched off. Once these were back on there was no problem with either the coin box or the heaters. 6) Maintenance morning from 10am on Sat 12th May still planned, GB suggested cleaning, with a view to possible painting, wainscoting in main Hall plus various doors etc. Also need to check gutters and do some more chair legs and as still planning to sort out under stage and paint old steps a second date may be needed, maybe further into the summer. 7) RO has materials to mend exterior piping, will do.


Fund raising 1) Quiz very enjoyable and although only 9 teams we made a modest profit. 2) RO and DP had agreed for the Hall committee to run the raffle for the fete, contacts for prizes will be given and tickets printed, our main duties will be to distribute tickets and receive stubs/money beforehand and sell tickets on the day. 3) SV asked committee to start thinking of possible ideas for an autumn Hall event. She had just e mailed Sian Williams who wrote The Mad Women in the Attic play which we hosted a few years ago and who has produced a new play for 2012, so this is a possibility.


AOB  SV had told Graham Harris was concerned about running fridge empty, often used just once a month for ALC. Committee agreed to leave it off when not in use but with notice on to try and ensure it is kept open when switched off to avoid mould problem. GB kindly agreed to come down before the Monday morning of an ALC meeting to put it on. 2) Need to monitor “drip” sound from water heater.


Next Hall meeting Monday 7th May 8pm (note this is the early May BH)