Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 7th May 2012


Present               G Baker, E Brooks, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan


Apologies/Absent       B Wigmore


Minutes of    previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report  DP went through some of the payments he had made and explained a budget check would need a forecast of future bookings for the year, to liase with AO and RO. 100 club up one more to 65, results of the draw were as follows. 1st) Peter Bates, 2nd) Dave & Mary Mears, 3rd) Derek Robinson. Expense claims given in by SV and AO.


Booking Clerk’s Report  A couple of parties booked in addition to regular hirers. AO to speak to organisers of the Zumba classes to get details for billing.


Correspondence   SV had received 1) Booklet from Take Art with covering letter saying halls without District Council funding, such as ours, should still be able to afford some of their acts but committee agreed that at around £500 this not likely to be profitable for us. 2) PAT certificate from Lawrence Fairfield, invoice already given to DP to pay. Also call to arrange general electric check not returned by LF, SV to chase 3) Letter from Mendip checking if SV still contact for their village hall database 4) Still no response to letter re car park from Wadworths, SV to send again after trying to get specific contact name.


Maintenance 1) In last magazine SV asked hirers not to turn heaters off. This was following an incident where a hirer thought they were unable to use heating as did not realised had been switched off. 2) Message from Daggs re drip heard in water heater. If we hear a drip can we check all taps in toilets and kitchen are turned fully off. If they are can we check the overflow on the back exterior wall. If water is coming from that it means a valve in the heater is not shutting off and we (i.e. Daggs!) need to have a look at it. 3) Exterior pipe still needs attention, RO to do. 4) Maintenance morning on Sat 12th still on, will clear out under stage, wash interior paintwork, wash outside signs and window sills and clean fabric on upholstered chairs, SV to bring cleaner for latter. GB said Clive willing to do some painting if required. SV will advise re interior paint but outside of door adjacent to car park certainly needs some attention. Gutters should be ok but SV will check with Daggs when last done.


Fund raising 1) Fete, SV suggested allocate times to help with raffle ticket sales at fete, which RO then arranged. We also need to set up a gazebo to work from, DP and RO to organise. DP advised that Rec Field concerned about holding the evening barn dance on field if weather very wet and committee agreed ok to transfer it to Hall if necessary and without charge. 3) SV started brief discussion on holding a Hall event in the autumn as she felt that music/drama options available would not be profitable and also that Hall should usually cover costs from hiring charges, reserving fundraising events for specific projects such as the extension. Committee agreed to put plans on hold unless anything cropped up that one of us was very keen to run and would not make a loss.


AOB  GB told committee she was happy to continue putting fridge on for ALC with AO as back up. 


Next Hall meeting Thursday 31st May 8pm (note this is June meeting taken early due to another BH)