Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT  Minutes of Meeting Held on 31st May 2012, (June meeting)


Present               G Baker, E Brooks, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan


Apologies/Absent       B Wigmore


Minutes of    previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report  DP said would send report by e mail. Little activity recently. Still to liase with AO and RO re bookings throughout year to ascertain if covering costs or need to put charges up. 100 club draw results were as follows. 1st) Paul Burlison, 2nd) Graham Harris, 3rd) Dave & Mary Mears. Expense claim for kitchen and toilet supplies given in by SV.


Booking Clerk’s Report  AO and RO presented the report for June bookings. Art had finished early for the year but extra bookings included a craft exhibition with teas for this and for the flower festival in the church plus an adult party on Sat 2nd. SV passed on letter from Mendip re booking for an election of a police official. SV then told those who didn’t know about the problems during and following a 16 year old’s birthday party the previous weekend. Problems seemed largely due to alcohol consumption. There had been reports of high noise levels, teenagers being sick on the car park and several police cars being called. So far SV had not heard anything from the police. Both SV and AO were confident they had done all possible to avoid such problems but in view of the difficulty controlling such private parties the committee agreed to ban all teenage under 18 parties at least for the time being. We decided to allow 18+ parties to continue. SV had sent a letter to Malcolm Young who had booked the hall for this party stating what had been reported and asking for his response. To date none had been received. The letter also stated we would not accept further bookings from him.


Correspondence   SV had received 1) Booking form from Mendip see Booking Clerk above. 2) Letter from Wadworths re car park see Maintenance below.


Maintenance 1) SV had rung Wadworths and got a specific name to send letter to asking them to repair car park. Reply from Phil Eustice, Maintenance Surveyor dated 18th May received and work had already been carried out. A satisfying result! 2) SV congratulated the committee on the work carried out on maintenance morning and ask if anything else outstanding. AO reported mould inside cupboard under sink but no date fixed to address this. 3) SV noted trees in car park overhanging cars and will ask Daggs to assist in lowering. 4) RO had mended exterior pipe and unblocked drain it ran into. 5) SV had weed killed car park and would treat re-growth or bits missed when weather permitted. She also noted children still climbing over wire fence at back of car park to get into Bellfield and breaking it down, committee agreed DP’s suggestion that we simply take a piece out and leave a person sized gap. This to be looked at more thoroughly at next meeting. 6) SV asked GB to thank Clive for the painting he did recently. 7) Electric installation check had been done but no bill or certificates yet received.


Fund raising   Fete; DP told us that as well as selling raffle tickets we would be in charge of an auction for a cast lion’s head plaque and for one of the old Leigh village signs. DP had not received any stubs/money yet for raffle and reminded committee to return these as soon as possible.


AOB   SV noted battery in meeting room clock needed replacing and will do. Also key holder notice in kitchen out of date, will check others and re-do as necessary.



Next Hall meeting Thursday 5th July 8pm – once again a clash on the Monday – this time a WI outing.