Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Draft Minutes of Meeting Held on 2nd July 2012


Present               E Brooks, A Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies/Absent       G Baker, R Orpwood


Minutes of    previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report  DP to send report by e mail but main activity had been bill paying including an insurance bill of around £900. Still to do check if covering costs with hiring charges when time allows. 100 club draw results were as follows. 1st) Paul Knowles, 2nd) Tom Rodford, 3rd) Drew Houston. Expense claim for new mop bucket given in by SV and one for picture frame by BW, see AOB.


Booking Clerk’s Report  AO presented the report for July bookings, which reduce towards the end of the month for the summer holidays. The bell ringers had booked a slot after a children’s party on Sat 14th which needed to be added to the report.


Correspondence SV had 1) e mailed Martin Miller who had replied saying electrical check certificates (and presumably invoice) were on their way. 2) had sent note to Mrs Rabbitts asking if they agreed mop bucket needed replacing and asking for suggestions if so. Mr Rabbitts had brought catalogue to SV with their choice and she had ordered it. 3) received e mail from Community Council about non-payment of subscription, which had been forwarded to DP who was dealing with it.


Maintenance 1) SV had raised canopy of some of the trees in the car park although this may need further work, she had also re-weedkilled the area. 2) SV arranged to carry out inventory with AO from 10am on Wed 8th Aug with particular attention to the cutlery and the mould in cupboards under left hand sink. 3) committee inspected condition of retaining wall on east side of car park and felt we should investigate carrying out a repair. SV will get a couple of quotes for this and may also speak to the owners of cottage adjoining the waste ground where wall is based to see if they have any information about its history. 4) fence at back of car park: EB suggested we simply adapt the existing short section in the corner of the car park to provide a gap as planned at last meeting, committee agreed and DP will do 5) SV asked committee if they felt main hall floor needed interim treatment. They decided this could be left another year before reviewing again. 6) Key holder notice in kitchen replaced.


Fund raising   Fete: DP told us that in spite of very windy weather the profit from the stalls etc had been about the same as last year and with the money from the barn dance extra the overall payout to groups would be higher, in excess of £500 each, although this would not be paid out until expected donation from Tarmac received. There were plans to hold another dance after next year’s fete.


AOB   BW brought along 2 of the 4 frames the Art group would like put up in the Hall and the invoice for the Hall to pay for one as agreed. The committee thought it might work best if two went up in the main hall and two in the meeting room. SV took them for Daggs to check fittings needed and BW will check with David Chandler if he would like some input in positioning them. Also key holder notice in kitchen out of date, will check others and re-do as necessary.



Next Hall meeting Tuesday 28th August 8pm – this is actually the September meeting held early due to holiday commitments. As is tradition no meeting for August itself.