Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 28th Aug 2012 (Sep meeting)


Present         G Baker, E Brooks, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan, B Wigmore




Minutes of    previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report  DP reported receipt of £640 from fete and various bills that had been paid including those for cleaning, grass cutting, window cleaning and the alcohol licence. We are to receive £70 from the ALC as their contribution to the latter for the last two years. Cheque for a recent concert booking and an expense claim were given in by SV. 100 club draw results were as follows. 1st) Val Blunden, 2nd) Graham Harris, 3rd) Carol Haskins.


Booking Clerk’s Report  No formal report this month as AO had been away but Aug had seen a couple of occasional bookings including a dog photographer and there were children’s parties booked for September as well as the return of most of the regular term time ones. Unfortunately Pilates is closing at least for the immediate future but it is hoped the Zumba will continue on 3 out of 4 Wed eves (short mat bowls resuming on Tuesdays and 1 Wed a month used for gardening group), although this has still to be confirmed. Both AO, RO and SV on holiday for a couple of weeks following meeting so EB agreed to take the booking diary. SV gave her contact details to Bryan in pub in case anyone enquires,  BW to ask Chris Cudmore to also put on website.


Correspondence SV had received 1) Copy of Thatch, nothing of real interest noted in it. 2) Letter and poster from group of physios etc advertising their talks and treatments, 3) Membership cert from Community Council, 3) Quotes for wall repair from Terry Hamblin and Cliff Osmond.


Maintenance 1) Section of rear wire fence had been removed by DP and resulting gap already well used. Various parts of remaining fence in bad order and committee felt should look at getting this repaired by builder. EB will check if any legal specifications for this for the section surrounding children’s play area. 2) SV and AO had done the inventory and AO will print out an updated list in due course. 3) Wall to east side of car park: committee agreed to accept quote of £1620 incl. Vat from Terry Hamblin, C Osmond’s higher. SV will contact him with view to go ahead when free and will also write to Mr Brook, the owner of the land over the wall to inform him will need access to his property to carry out work. Committee did consider waiting until next year and persisting with funding enquiries but it appears these very unlikely to be successful and wall will continue to deteriorate.


Fund raising   No plans at the moment, fete profit see Treasurer’s report.


AOB   1) No contact from David Chandler re picture frames, BW to remind him when classes resume. 2) DP had produced an analysis of income and expenditure for 2010/11 which showed as expected the vast majority of our income coming from hire charges. There was a shortfall of about £400 but without more detail on maintenance issues it was hard to see if we were generally covering our costs. DP will check if any large maintenance bills that year and complete a similar study for current year. There was a discussion on hire charges but we decided to leave things unchanged except for the advance payment for group bookings, which rarely happens anyway. 3) GB suggested changing large plant containers as old fashioned and expensive to fill, committee to look out for replacements. 4) Committee arranged for AGM on Mon 5th Nov at 8.30, SV and DP to produce reports for this and SV to put date in mag.


Next Hall meeting Monday 1st October 8pm.