Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of AGM Held on 5th Nov 2012 8.30pm


Present   G Baker, E Brooks, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S. Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies  None


The Meeting was opened by the current chair S. Vaughan


Minutes of last year’s meeting were agreed and signed.


Annual Report and Accounts were presented to the meeting by SV and DP, these having been approved earlier by the committee. The accounts showed a decrease in outgoings compared to previous year mainly due to the lack of any large maintenance items and in fact this masked an actual increase in costs again this year. Income had gone up but the reason for this not immediately apparent, DP to investigate. Accountant Graeme King had noted we are keeping £680.47 in our accounts on behalf of the short mat bowl’s group. Finally DP pointed out he had re-valued our assets in line with the inventory, something stated in earlier reports but in fact not the case.


SV then read out the Review of the Year Summary from her Annual Report. Under Maintenance this mainly focused on the wall edging the car park, which was currently being repaired. Bookings were a little down following the demise of the Pilates classes and there was some doubt over the Gardening Group and Zumba sessions. She reported a change in policy re fund raising events held by the Hall. Since subsidising from Take Art had finished it had proved very difficult to find an entertainment we could afford to put on and still make at least some profit. The committee had decided, at least in the short term, not to attempt to put on any events except the annual quiz and rely instead on bookings plus the annual fair for our income.  She said she thought the new treasurer, Denis Pattison, had settled well into the committee and trusted he agreed! She also looked forward to continuing to work with Under Fives rep Emma Brooks who had also been an active and helpful member of the committee during the previous year.


Election of 2012/2013 Committee

AO, RO, SV, GB, EB and DP all agreed to stand again. BW is no longer a member of the Parish Council but has agreed to continue as their rep to the Hall committee until they have enough members to appoint someone else. Although not strictly correct procedure to arrange at the AGM, (should be appointed at first ordinary meeting) all officers agreed to continue in their jobs.




The meeting was closed at 8.50pm.