Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 6th Feb 2013


Present               G Baker, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan


Apologies/Absent       E Brooks, B Wigmore


Minutes of    previous 2 meetings were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report  SV gave DP cheque towards wall repair from Parish Council and her expense claim for Mrs Rabbitts’ Xmas chocs and the paper towels from Jones.  DP reported a slow take up of 100 club numbers, which had not yet started again and asked SV to put reminder in next magazine. The transfer of the deposit savings account from the Nat Savings to the better paying Virgin account was now complete and the latest bill for cleaning had been paid to Mrs Rabbitts


Booking Clerk’s Report  In addition to the regular hirers there were 2 children’s parties booked for February, a Pets and Pictures session and a Short Mat Bowls afternoon. There had been an enquiry from Vickie Taylor about a reduction in charges if the hall was booked for 2 whole days for a show/sale. The committee was not against this in principle but put off a decision until the number of hours involved was known and until it was likely to be a definite booking.  Similarly there was an enquiry about a wedding reception wanting to know if they could also have a bar b que on site. The committee had no objection to this as long as it was well away from the building, although this particular booking unlikely to be confirmed as the Hall may be too small. Finally SV had received a call from Vickie Taylor as head of the board of governors of the school to ask if she could put the Hall down as the site to bring the children to should they have to evacuate the school, of course SV agreed.


Correspondence SV had received a special newsletter from the Community Council all about heating homes and keeping warm, she also had a programme from Take Art about village hall events in Somerset up to June this year.


Maintenance  AO and RO had replaced the broken lock on the cleaning cupboard and SV had replenished the stock of paper towels. The smoke alarm in the meeting room was tested and proved ok. No new issues reported. A maintenance morning was arranged for Sat 27th April from 10am, committee to keep look out for things needing attention. SV to buy some more paint for ceiling.


Fund raising   1) Preliminary arrangements made for the quiz on March 23rd. RO to produce poster and flyer and SV to print out. SV will laminate posters and put up and also contact Gerry and David Duncan to arrange for flyers to go in village mag. She will also contact previous winners to arrange for shield to be returned and buy the drinks once numbers are known. GB to buy crisps and peanuts, DP and RO to man bar, SV and Daggs to man door for ticket money and raffle. Prizes needed for latter, request to go in magazine and on ads.  EB had offered to help distribute posters/flyers to parents 2) Fete, RO had attended latest meeting and reported the Hall to run raffle stall as last year. To offer indoor space in event of bad weather to limited number of stallholders. Barn dance to go ahead again.


AOB   1) Art group pictures now up. 2) An ad had gone into the magazine to advertise use of the table tennis tables. SV agreed to buy bats and balls if we get any take up. 3) There was a discussion on the type of planter to replace the current concrete ones. SV to get info re size and drainage of one she had seen at Dobbies and DP to get rough cost of making wooden ones as per plan brought by GB, although no one agreed to make these.


Next meeting Mon 4th March 8pm, any raffle prizes or ideas who we can ask very welcome.