Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Draft Minutes of Meeting Held on 4th Mar 2013


Present               G Baker, E Brooks, D Mattick, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan


Apologies/Absent       B Wigmore


Prior to the main meeting SV gave a welcome pack to new parish council rep Dave Mattick, updated address sheets to all the committee and circulated the Committee Member list for all to sign.


Minutes of    meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report  DP had e mailed his latest accounts to the committee but reminded us about the grant received from the parish council for the wall repair and the sum we are holding for the short mat bowls group. He had received a letter from Mendip saying we would get 95% rate relief and also explained that the charges from the new electric company included vat which they had not previously quoted so more than expected. The 100 club membership was down compared to last year.  Results of the first draw as follows: 1) Rosine Houston, 2) Keith Cockroft and 3) Caroline Harris.


Booking Clerk’s Report  A jam packed March calendar with the Hall quiz, a nearly new sale, promises auction and school play in addition to the usual bookings. The committee agreed to the one off charge for the art exhibition as requested by Vickie Taylor. There was a booking for a concert on 5th April where we had been given the option of running the bar with the profit going to Hall funds. DP and RO agreed to do this, SV to liase with the organisers re providing drinks once AO gives contact details. AO to contact recent hirers for drivers meeting to find out where they got key to lock up.


Correspondence SV had received an information sheet about funding newsletter from the Community Council and would pass it on to the Rec Field who are currently fundraising for a skate park.


Maintenance  1) EB reported the wire fence round the play area in very bad condition. DM suggested Jacksons of Chilcompton for a quote, SV will contact them plus Terry Hamblin to arrange repair/replacement as soon as possible. GB asked SV to get the faded notices in the exterior notice board replaced, for the anti-icing salt bags from the front of the Hall to be put out of sight until next winter and if the Parish Council could arrange for the hedge adjacent to the Hall on Mr Brook’s land to be cut, DM will ask them. AO and GB asked if some of the lower branches of trees in the car park could be removed to allow more parking space, SV to arrange when possible. The Xmas decorations to be put back in the loft after the meeting. DP reminded us to check the smoke alarm again. SV still to buy some more paint for ceiling for maintenance morning on Sat 27th from 10am.


Fund raising   1) Flyers and other notices of the quiz on March 23rd had gone into the parish magazine but no bookings received yet. SV gave a poster and some flyers to EB to distribute and will let her have the rest she needs soon. SV to put posters through village over coming weekend or before. The shield has been located in the Bell. Will meet in the Hall at 3pm on the day to put chairs and tables out, all other arrangements as already made. SV to let GB know numbers for crisps etc nearer the time.  2) Fete, RO confirmed arrangements detailed last month and said a good team of organisers was in place.


AOB   We had a long discussion about the proposed replacement of the tubs outside the Hall both during and after the meeting, with no definite plan being agreed. Members to bring any further suggestions and information to next meeting when we will try and make a decision.


Due to Easter etc next meeting Thurs 4th April 8pm, note if art group meeting try and use side door.