Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 3rd June 2013


Present               G Baker, D Pattison, S Vaughan


Apologies/Absent       E Brooks, D Mattick, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, B Wigmore


Minutes of    meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report  DP to e mail report after meeting. First Southern Electric bill received but no chance to look at it yet.  Several cheques passed on by Graham Harris, temporary booking clerk. SV gave in expenses claim for drinks at Jane Taylor concert.  The 100 club results as follows: 1) Wendy and Des Worley, 2) Chris Cudmore and 3) Alan Dagger. 


Booking Clerk’s Report  Graham and Caroline Harris had sent in a list of bookings in the Hall for June and SV planned to give a copy to Mrs Rabbitts as is normally done to prevent cleaning clashing with a booking.  RO had indicated prior to the meeting that he intended taking the booking clerk duties back on at some point and the committee would wait to see the outcome of this. SV had spoken to Caroline Harris about the church’s 3 day booking for the flower festival and agreed a one off hire charge of £50 for all 3 days.  SV expressed hope the church should still be able to make a profit. SV apologised for not keeping all of the committee in the loop re temporary booking clerk situation.


Correspondence SV had received several items from Somerset County Council, newsletter, AGM invitation and e mail for halls that had erroneously claimed feed in tariff on solar panels.  There was a programme from Take Art, which included a few lower price acts available under their new Merlin in Mendip scheme, priced for Mendip Halls who don’t have any council subsidy.  SV felt those on offer were not ones she could easily sell tickets for and DP pointed out we had already decided to put fundraising, other than the fete and quiz, on hold.  Finally there was a letter from Total Floor Care who re-surfaced the Hall floor some years ago but the committee did not feel we needed any action on this.


Maintenance  1) SV still to paint windowsills in ladies’ toilet 2) SV had arranged for PAT testing to be done on the coming Thursday and will let electricians into Hall. 3) DP to start re-furb of plant tubs once fete is finished. GB requested they be equidistant from the front door and DP explained this would be done as part of the job as they also needed levelling. 4) SV had received reply from Steve Scriven, Somerset CC, to say would come and look at trees in Bellfield overhanging Hall but no action yet.  5) Painting of Hall still planned for Monday 29th July at 9.30.  SV to get paint, dustsheets, rollers etc needed to be brought by committee.


Fund raising   Fete, posters for this had gone up and the barn dance going ahead. Tickets for this £10 including supper –Vanessa Barnes selling them.  DP gave out more raffle tickets. SV agreed to put up gazebo, table and chairs plus provide pens container for tickets for raffle stall at fete.  GB to help man stall from 12-1.00, EB had also offered to help but would not know when until after school meeting. SV to man throughout with short break when second person there. SV to ask if DP available to help.


AOB   1) SV thanked DM in his absence for presenting her summary of the Hall’s year to the annual parish meeting in May.  2) DP raised query as to why we had an employer’s insurance as felt we did not technically employ anyone. SV unsure about this and will try to get more info for next meeting. 


Date of next meeting  Monday 1st July at 8pm