Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 2nd Sept 2013


Present               G Baker, D Pattison, S Vaughan, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, B Wigmore


Apologies/Absent       E Brooks, D Mattick


Minutes of    meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report  DP had e mailed report. Both July and August fairly quiet as regards income although a lot of expenses had gone out in August including an electricity bill, vat now back to 5%.  On the plus side we had received £540 from the fete.  SV gave in expenses claim for weed killer and paper towels and DP noted his expenses for making the surrounds for the flower tubs. The 100 club results as follows: 1) Yvonne Hughes, 2) Sue Moore and 3) Sue Vaughan. 


Booking Clerk’s Report  AO, RO and SV had met for a sub committee meeting to review hire charges and agreed changes which would take effect from Jan 1st 2014. The 50p discount for booking blocks of 10 sessions has been scrapped, the weekday evening rate increased from £6 to 7 an hour and the business user rate from £8 to £10.  The daytime rate of £5 remains the same. Finally all paperwork relating to extra £15 charge for serving alcohol, either sold or free, has been amended to be consistent.


SV clarified that yoga would not start until 11th Sept, AO to ensure they are let in.  Short mat bowls had been scheduled to start on Tues 3rd but it was agreed to delay this to the 10th to allow one more outdoor session, Art was not due to re-start until October.  Forthcoming bookings included the craft exhibition 7/8th September and a wedding party in October, the latter to be confirmed.


Correspondence SV had an e mail Mendip CC confirming we are on their village halls database and copy of Community Council’s August Newsletter, nothing relevant to us in this.


Maintenance  1) SV had painted windowsills in ladies’ toilet, concerned about colour but committee thought OK. 2) Many thanks to DM who had provided 2nd hand microwave oven.  3) Painting Hall walls on Monday 29th had been very successful although minor touching up now needed following items being put up with blue tack. 4) SV had been to enquire about new carpet for foyer but no off cuts available at that point.  Will get phone numbers of 2 places on Frome industrial estate and chase on return from holiday unless other committee member successful in meantime. 5) Finally and most importantly, DP had made an excellent job of the tubs and was congratulated by all the committee, including EB who was unable to attend. 


Fund raising   The first Fete meeting was due on 15th Oct, many thanks to RO who agreed to attend as our rep again. Committee agreed willing to continue taking part and to consider running a game in addition to helping with draw tickets or other task. It is believed there may not be a dog show next year and various suggestions for attractions to help replace this were made.   


AOB   1) RO agreed to do the Fire Risk Assessment and will send off forms once completed.2) GB raised issue of non-hirers using car park. SV had put requests not to do so on long term basis in both last 2 issues of parish magazine and will review situation on return from holiday. 3) The AGM was scheduled for Mon 4th Nov, short ordinary meeting at 7.30, AGM at 8, SV to announce in parish mag.


Date of next meeting  Mon 7th October at 8pm