Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Draft Minutes of Meeting Held on 4th Nov 2013


Present         G Baker, E Brooks, D Pattison, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, S Vaughan, B Wigmore 


Apologies/Absent D Mattick


Minutes of    previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report  Payments included wages for Mrs Rabbitts and the last 2012 electricity bill from previous supplier whilst among receipts were the toddlers hire charge payment and a £20 donation via DP from a marketing company following a survey he undertook.  The 100 club results as follows: 1) Yvonne Hughes, 2) Derek Robinson and 3) Drew Houston. 


Booking Clerk’s Report  No extra bookings this month apart from the extraordinary Parish Council meeting the previous Friday.


Correspondence SV had received a quote and leaflets of examples from the carpet company. She had also printed off the October newsletter from Mendip Community Support although this was mainly about grants which we would not qualify for. SV had sent an update to Mendip District Council of the details they hold on the Hall, mentioning the forthcoming rise in hire rates.


Maintenance  1) Following the high winds a few days earlier one of the outside notice board doors had been ripped off and the frame come loose. Daggs had glued it back together but found the other door was split in two places and the doors would now not close together so had screwed them shut as a temporary measure. SV asked if RO and DP could have a look at the board and see if it was repairable.  2) SV had received offer from Parish Council of a grant to cover the replacement of the barrier matting in the foyer and had given the carpet company the go ahead to order it.


 Fund raising   1) Still early days for the fete but it was confirmed there will be a car boot sale in place of the dog show. 2) BW mentioned that there might be some interest in holding more than one quiz a year since the pub stopped running theirs.


AOB   1) RO had completed the Fire Risk Assessment and e mailed to committee. SV had one minor concern as to whether we should include something in booking documents to ask people to make sure it was known they were safely out of the Hall in case of a fire and not gone elsewhere, eg the pub. However the nature of the premises, where people are often present without this being recorded, made any formal checking of names impractical. SV thanked RO for an excellent job and said would be happy to look at the assessment in more detail at the next meeting if the committee wished to do so. 2) Sue Moore had spoken to SV in person about her problem with trees affecting TV reception. This had now improved thanks to adjustment of the ariel but SV had agreed to remind Somerset CC about possible lopping of trees next spring. 3) Car park area issue to be looked at in December, current parking situation not discussed, SV still unable to trace owner of car which had been there for some months, a notice placed on it had obviously not been taken by the owner.


4) DP and SV presented their annual reports to the committee which was happy to accept them. The AGM then followed.


Date of next meeting  Mon 2nd December 8.00pm followed putting up the Christmas Decorations!