Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Minutes of Meeting Held on 2nd Dec 2013


Present               G Baker, E Brooks, D Mattick, D Pattison, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, S Vaughan,

B Wigmore 




Minutes of    previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report  The latest electric bill had been paid and D P had also created a graph showing receipts for the last 3 years which were broadly the same including an understandable dip each summer.  The 100 club results as follows: Special Christmas prize Brian Loten. Monthly draw 1) Sandra O’Sullivan, 2) Peter Bates 3) Linda Burlison. 


Booking Clerk’s Report  Quite a busy month ahead up to the Christmas week due to extra bookings for the school play, the church fair, Rec Field bingo and some time booked to plan decorations for a wedding taking place in January.


Correspondence SV had received the Community Council for Somerset’s newsletter for November and an e mail from DM with a suggestion for a funding project.


Maintenance  1) RO had looked at the damaged noticeboard and said it was repairable, he will do when has time. 2) Barrier matting in foyer had been replaced, once invoice received Hall to pay and SV to let PC have it so they can release cheque to re-imburse us. 3) GB said one of the ties for the stage curtains was missing and felt we should either get a replacement or remove the one still there.


 Fund raising   1) Fete committee definitely want a barn dance to be part of the day but still need person to organise it. DP appealed to committee to help find someone to do this. 2) As SV away a lot of March committee agreed to see if the Worleys could run the annual quiz on 5th or 12th April, SV to ask. BW still keen on holding 2nd quiz in the year and will sound out support from those who used to attend pub quizzes.


AOB   1) SV felt RO’s Fire Risk Assessment very thorough but that reference to herself under “Management Systems” should just refer to her office, i.e. secretary, to eliminate need for any future amendment. RO to put copy of emergency plan on notice board in Hall and one in with the booking information to hirers as well as stressing need for a hirer to be in charge for every booking to ensure fire safety measures taken. 3) We had a discussion on the car parking situation. SV felt intended use unclear in the Conveyance document and other archived material, DP to help investigate. She agreed to contact the PCSO to see what we could do about keeping the car park limited to Hall users and more specifically find the owner of the long term parked car. When we have further information SV will contact both Richard re boat and caravan and owner of the car once we know who that is. BW suggested putting a notice on front of Hall asking non users not to park, SV to do. 5) We then had a discussion about what if anything we should ask the PC to help with funding next year. The committee did not feel able to support DM’s suggestion of a defibrillator and SV was instead to get a rough figure for the re-coating of the Hall floor and let DM have this to present to the PC.


The meeting was then closed and the committee put up the Christmas decorations.


Date of next meeting  Mon 6th Jan, 8.00pm, early apologies from AO, RO and DM.