Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT  Minutes of Meeting Held on 6th Jan 2014


Present               G Baker, D Pattison, S Vaughan, B Wigmore 


Apologies/Absent       E Brooks, D Mattick, A Orpwood, R Orpwood


Minutes of    previous meeting were agreed and signed, SV noting incorrect numbering in AOB.


Treasurer’s Report  The window cleaning and water rates had been paid and payment for the music event held in 2013 belatedly received but otherwise not a lot of activity. No 100 club until re-starts for 2014. DP mentioned members of this lower than would like, still willing to send out chasing letters to existing members but SV suggested committee members could all try and recruit at least one new member each. DP to let us have list of existing ones to avoid asking twice.  SV gave in claim for Mrs R Christmas gift of chocolates, DP to claim for whisky given to accountant.


Booking Clerk’s Report  AO had sent in diary sheets via DP, usual regular bookings plus wedding the coming weekend. BW pointed out Art due to re-start on 16th, not 9th as in diary. SV had arranged to let the yoga group in but DP said would ask Jan to do this. Brian in pub had paid £10 for equipment hire rather than £5 minimum and had said both he and other hirers thought charges too low. GB and SV considered whether business hirers could be charged higher rate – to discuss at next meeting.


Correspondence SV had received the Community Council for Somerset’s newsletter for December.


Maintenance  1) Noticeboard still to be repaired. 2) Barrier matting bill paid direct by PC to claim vat back. 3) GB thanked Sue Mattick for prompt supply of tie for stage curtain. 4) Bar top hinges bent, DP to try and mend. 5) GB reported shrub taken from one of flower tubs but has replaced with similar. 6) Gutter needs clearing on side of Hall near shed, Daggs to do when weather better. 7) AO and RO had taken down the Christmas decorations and SV and Daggs had put them away.


 Fund raising   1) Des and Wendy Worley agreed to run quiz on 5th April with proviso may have to just provide questions if birth of grandchild takes them away. 2) BW still looking into possibility of having second yearly quiz in autumn if can find someone to run it.


AOB   1) With assistance from Clive Baker liaising with new PCSO Declan Quinn, the long term parked car had been removed. SV had written to Richard and both his vehicles also removed. SV felt we had now exhausted issue of car park ownership and that committee should continue to regard it as primarily for use of hirers as had been the understanding and practice for many years. A notice asking people not to park there long term was put in the window of the meeting room to be visible from outside. 2) GB asked if we could look at levelling out the dip in far right rear corner of car park once better weather comes to provide extra parking, would also need to lop nearby tree. She also pointed out the strip of wood adjoining the matting inside the foyer door looked in need of re-furbishment, currently rather wet so again a job for dryer weather. 3) DP noted that the cutlery boxes and some wine glass boxes did not have the numbers in that were stated on the outside, SV said had not done inventory this year but would come down and tidy these up. 4) Following a prompting from the CC of Somerset re people doing work for village halls SV had spoken to Mrs Rabbitts and both agreed she could be classified as a worker not an employee which would leave things as they are now.



Date of next meeting  Mon 3rd Feb 8pm.