Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Draft Minutes of Meeting Held on 3rd March 2014


Present               G Baker, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan


Apologies/Absent       E Brooks, D Mattick, B Wigmore 


Minutes of    previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report  DP had sent DM’s details to Charity Commission as required and the interest of over £100 had been added to the Virgin savings account.  He had met with SV and Graham Harris to discuss positioning of proposed screen and projector and explained to committee the location that had been decided for these. Some of the committee had recruited new members of the 100 club – now 65 and the first draw of the year was made.  1st Drew Houston, 2nd Sue Vaughan, 3rd Barbara and Dave Turner. DP had not had time to complete the monthly report but would e mail it when ready.


Booking Clerk’s Report  A busy looking diary for March with several sessions of Becky Young’s exercise class and several single bookings including a Road Safety class on the 13th, a Somerset CC consultation meeting on the 21st and Owl Babies auction on 22nd. SV noted Thursdays still free in the daytime if slot needed to fit screen and projector. Both SV and AO due to be away at various times in the month and DP agreed to hold the diary during these periods and to let people in as required.


Correspondence SV had newsletters from Charity Commission and Community Council for Somerset. There was information in the latter about Viridor Credits who give grants for various projects and may be useful for future funding needs. SV had also completed a survey at the request of Acre who are collecting information to help them lobby on any issues affecting village halls.


Maintenance  1) Noticeboard had now been repaired and was back in place, many thanks to RO who had to do the job twice due to the bad weather. 2) The carpet in the foyer had got very wet when the rain was bad due to the poor condition of the wooden strip under the door. It was felt that this and other issues such as the dip in the corner of the car park, the blocked down pipe and the uneven paving stones near the Under Fives storage shed, all need leaving until the weather is both drier and warmer.


 Fund raising   1) Quiz on 5th April, RO to e mail posters and flyers to SV who will print off, laminate and put up posters plus deliver flyers for parish magazine and EB. SV will also buy drinks including  prizes plus Easter eggs for our usual booby prizes. 2) Raffle at quiz – there are a couple of small items left from the Cudmores’ donations last year but we need more. SV to give bottle wine, RO had item to donate – any other donations very welcome – if committee members could let SV know beforehand that would be very helpful. 3) DP and RO to arrange manning of bar in conjunction with DM. GB to buy crisps and nuts. SV and Daggs to man door and run quiz if Worleys unable to come. SV had put info on quiz in magazine and contacted various people to ask them to put in a team but would like numbers nearer the time to help judge drinks purchase. 4) Set up in the Hall at 4pm. 5) Fete arrangements going well, DP and RO running barn dance, Hall to run parking and draw sales on day.


AOB   1) SV not been to check glasses in Radco, RO suggested Ikea. 2) SV had been contacted by DM and more recently BW re a request from Vicki Taylor to store ten 8x4ft display boards plus lighting in the Hall for the Art and Craft show in September. Committee could see no way these could be fitted in the Hall and SV would explain this to BW and Vicki.


Date of next meeting  Mon 7th April 8pm.