Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Draft Minutes of Meeting Held on 7th April 2014


Present               D Mattick, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan, B Wigmore   


Apologies/Absent       G Baker, E Brooks


Minutes of    previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report  DP’s report had been e mailed to committee which included the payment of the rates and the community buildings membership. He had carried out various practical actions since the last meeting including re-attaching the heater in the small meeting room to the wall and replacing a broken padlock on the bar. He had also facilitated the installation of the new projector screen and demonstrated to the committee at the meeting how this works. The 100 club results were 1st Sue Vaughan, 2nd David Pattison and 3rd June Brewster.


Booking Clerk’s Report  SV noted it was pleasing Becky Young’s exercise class was continuing, most others were regular bookings. RO said a rambler group had contacted them to check if OK to use car park on Wednesday 30th and this had been agreed as long as they left some spaces for the Yoga class, noise would not be a factor as arriving before and leaving after class times.


Correspondence SV had 1) letter from Mendip checking their contact for the Village Halls Data Base and also detailing a grant scheme run by Western Power Distribution for help with energy saving improvements. DM raised possibility of a suspended ceiling in Hall to reduce heating costs but no decision taken, time scale very tight, ends 30th May. SV wondered if this any interest to Rec Field and will ask Daggs to pass on info. 2) Letter from Total Floor Care reminding us the “overcoat” of the wooden floor is overdue. We had already requested some assistance with this from the PC but they may need a formal quote or invoice, no decision taken re action but DM to report back PC’s view.


Maintenance  Also see Treasurer’s Report and point 2 in Correspondence above. 1) Wooden strip under front door in foyer needs replacing, RO, DP and DM all thought able to do but no decision made who would. 2) SV to get quotes for levelling uneven paving by toddler shed and dip in car park.3) Daggs still willing to look at blocked down pipe again when time and weather ok. 4) SV to check if trees in car park need lopping and arrange if necessary. 5) Lights on exterior front corners of Hall in poor condition, DM to investigate replacements. 6) Screws on some chairs need tightening and battery may be needed for fire alarm, DP to action. 7) Maintenance morning fixed for Wed 28th May from 10.


 Fund raising   1) Quiz went well with lots of positive comments after. 11 teams in the end with only one with just three entrants.  Offer from DM to arrange another (not for Tarmac trophy) in autumn on 5th April, date fixed for Sat 26th Oct. 2) Fete jobs for Hall already decided will need to do a rota nearer the day. Barn Dance tickets to be discounted if bought more than week before fete to try and ensure know numbers early.  Caterers still undecided but Mrs B likely, good report on these from DM.


AOB   1) Wine glasses – SV to check largest ones which fit in boxes and try for more that size. 2) Committee discussed again the issue of the 8 x 4 ft display boards wanted by the Art and Craft group. Confirmed not willing to pay for them but had identified area they could be stored – in the loft over the foyer. However DM advised should weigh no more than 20kg each to comply with H&S regs. BW to advise the group. 3) SV to check current advice re village halls and VAT with Community Council.


Date of next meeting  Friday 2nd May 8pm, NOTE UNUSUAL DAY TO HOLIDAYS ETC.