Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Draft Minutes of Meeting Held on 2nd May 2014


Present               E Brooks, D Mattick, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan,


Apologies/Absent       G Baker, B Wigmore  


Minutes of    previous meeting were agreed and signed, SV adding “due” to date change info at end.


Treasurer’s Report  DP’s report to be e mailed to committee later. DP had updated both County and LOM websites with current hire rates but not Mendip yet. Mrs Rabbitts, the window cleaner and rates had all been paid. The final profit from the quiz was £240, rather better than many years. SV gave in expenses claim. The 100 club results were 1st Peter Bates, 2nd Yvonne Hughes and 3rd Caroline Harris.


Booking Clerk’s Report  AO and RO gave their report to the committee which included several one off hirings for May such as the FOLS talent show on the 16th and the European elections on the 22nd. Committee had brief discussion over issue that Art group only “business” booking not charged at that rate but understanding was group could  not afford to continue if higher rate charged. SV to hold diary while booking clerks away but arrangements for all hirers to get in already made.


Correspondence SV had 1) notification of grants for 2014 from the Local Legacy Fund, 2) reply from Tom Kemp, see maintenance, 3) document re vat from CC for Somerset but not printed off yet.


Maintenance  1) Uneven paving – Tom Kemp quoting £400 – once fete over committee to consider if able to do the job ourselves. SV to inform Tom of situation.  Committee agreed not to take any action re car park dip as that corner impossible to use for parking anyway if cars along back fence plus side wall. Would like it topped up with gravel for cosmetic reasons but would need a lot.  2) Wooden strip under front door in foyer still o/s. 3) Daggs still willing to look at blocked down pipe again when time.  4) SV to check if trees in car park need lopping and arrange if necessary. 5) DM still investigating new lights on exterior front corners of Hall. 6) Screws on some chairs need tightening and battery may be needed for fire alarm, DP to action. 7) Maintenance morning still set for Wed 28th May from 10.


 Fund raising   Confirmed barn dance tickets for fete being sold early at discount to try and secure numbers before the day. Committee members all need to help as much as possible on the day – we are responsible for the sale of raffle tickets and gate entry. No rota made but SV offered to man one of the two from 11.30 until close with a half hour or so break for lunch. Can finalise rota at next meeting.    Caterers to be Mrs B with choice of mushroom stroganoff or (meat/chicken?) curry.


AOB   1) Wine glasses – we now have one complete box of the larger size. 2) No further response from Art and Craft group re storing display boards. 3) DP reported that Graham Harris putting together a guide on use of projector and screen and also any users would have to apply to Graham for the necessary cables. 4) DM explained no quote needed re £200 grant from Parish Council, just need to go ahead with whichever project decide on and then claim. SV to raise possibility of this being floor re-furb at July meeting when should know situation with uneven paving by shed.



Date of next meeting  Monday 2nd June 8pm