Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


 DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 2nd June 2014


Present               G Baker, D Mattick, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan,


Apologies/Absent       E Brooks, B Wigmore  


Minutes of    previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report  SV queried lack of entry of coin box receipts in DP’s report, he will investigate. Very little income in May and large electricity bill due to smaller one previous month. VAT rate on this has varied, DP to find out why. SV gave in expenses claim for loo rolls and washing up liquid. The 100 club results were 1st Maurice White, 2nd Shelagh Haywood and 3rd Clive and Gill Baker.


Booking Clerk’s Report  The June diary looked fairly full with a couple of one off bookings such as the WI Peace Tea, plus some extra LOMCA sessions and several for Becky Young’s exercise class.


Correspondence SV had 1) 2nd e mail from Tom Kemp re paving stones 2) Acre information sheets re VAT and village halls 3) Merlin booklets with current programme 4) Take Art programme 5) Thatch and Community Buildings Newsletters from the Community Council for Somerset.

In the latter new rules dating from 6th April 2014 had been highlighted which require employers to give their workers updated health and safety information available from a government website. As we do not have employees the committee decided this was not relevant to us.


Maintenance  1) Tom Kemp had offered to do paving at reduced rate making up difference from the original quote with “credits” for his own Hall bookings. Committee could not see any financial advantage to us from this and would stick to original plan of looking properly at the job after the fete before deciding whether to do it ourselves 2) Wooden strips under front door have woodworm, action after fete. 3) Downpipe was unblocked during maintenance morning but no soakaway could be seen. Committee to monitor whether water draining away before considering any other action. 4) SV still to arrange any necessary lopping of trees in car park. 5) DM still investigating new lights on exterior front corners of Hall. 6) Screws on some chairs need tightening and battery may be needed for fire alarm, DP to action. 7) DP had adjusted water heater but overflow still dripping, will look at again. 8) Ceiling of outside porch needs re-painting, Clive Baker had offered to do, committee happy to accept.


 Fund raising   1) SV and DM to man Hall stall at fete 2) SV had booked a Take Art event called “Wrong ‘Un” a WW1 suffragette themed musical drama, for Wed 17th September from the Merlin in Mendip scheme. Treasurer and booking clerks all being away at time of the meeting at the Merlin with Take Art to arrange it. Normal Take Art conditions apply and posters, tickets etc. will be supplied by them. Could do food either before or after show which is only 1 hour long, to decide this later.


AOB   Discussion on VAT. SV explained could register and claim back VAT on our expenditure for electricity, toiletry supplies etc. but our hire charges would be vatable so we would either have to raise them by 20% or keep at current level and absorb the amount we would owe Customs and Excise thus substantially reducing our revenue from them if the latter. DP to do study at later date to find out roughly how much we would be able to claim back in an average year from expenditure to see if it would cover loss from hiring charges if no increase.


Date of next meeting  Monday 7th July 8pm