Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 1st September 2014


Present               G Baker, E. Brooks, D Pattison, S Vaughan, B Wigmore  


Apologies/Absent       D Mattick, A Orpwood, R Orpwood


Minutes of    previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report  DP had e mailed accounts and had made several payments such as the water and cleaning bills, the alcohol license fee and Chubb’s bill which included the replacement of one fire extinguisher as well as the service of the others. He noted that LOMCA will re-imburse us for half the license fee in due course. SV gave in an expenses claim for bin bags. The 100 club results were 1st Chris and Cathy Cudmore, 2nd Tony Gould and 3rd Vicky Higgins.


Booking Clerk’s Report  No written report as AO and RO absent. SV reported a lot of activity with equipment hire and will inform AO and RO when they return so they can bill as appropriate. SV offered to send committee copy of current inventory.  


Correspondence SV had August editions of both CCS Community Buildings Newsletter and Thatch, gave committee brief run down of their content but nothing of great interest to the Hall in either.


Maintenance  1) SV thanked DP and RO for the very good job they had made of levelling the paving slabs and had already let Tom Kemp know. 2) Wooden strips under front door had been replaced by DM, again an excellent job 3) No thoughts on whether water is draining away from corner downpipe by sheds OK 4) SV lopped some low tree branches in the car park but they may need further work. 5) Still awaiting info from DM re new lights on exterior front corners of Hall. 6) DP had laid ceramic tiles under cooker and now cement dry cooker was put properly in place at the meeting. 7) EB said still finding more dog’s mess in children’s play area. SV had left message on Dave Jarvis’ phone asking him to ensure gates closed and EB had put bricks by gates to stop dogs running in, need to continue to monitor, SV will also put note in parish mag and BW will make some enquiries amongst dog owners.8) Committee agreed for SV to arrange for wooden floor to have “top up” re-surfacing and to later claim the £200 grant from the PC towards this. SV will try to get date at half term booked.


 Fund raising   1) Wrong Un on 17th Sept. SV had put posters up in village and elsewhere and flyers coming out in parish magazine. DP to lend board for A3 poster outside Hall on the day. RO may have one which BW suggests is put by Rec field. Daggs had agreed to run the bar, EB to assist. SV on door for entry money and raffle, BW to assist. SV will buy drinks, GB will get crisps and nuts, any excess to go for quiz in October. DP to provide floats. Need raffle prizes! 2) Quiz Oct 25th can decide who does what at next meeting but will ask RO to do posters and flyers. Will need main and booby prizes and to decide entry charge, liaise with DM. 


AOB   1) Unfortunately Caroline Harris had a nasty fall in the Hall recently having tripped on the little ridge between the meeting room and the bar. DP to look at levelling this off as far as possible. It was noted that the incident had been recorded in the accident book.  BW also reported someone tripping on the carpet from the main Hall into the bar, SV to look for warning notice to be fixed to existing black joining strip.  2) AGM to be on 3rd Nov at 8pm preceded by committee meeting at 7.30pm.


Date of next meeting  Monday 6th October 8pm