Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 6th October 2014


Present               G Baker, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan, B Wigmore  


Apologies/Absent       E. Brooks, D Mattick


Minutes of    previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report  DP had completed yearly accounts to send to accountant. During September bills had been paid for the electricity, PAT testing and fire extinguisher service which included one replacement. Payment of a share of the licence fee had been received from LOMCA. The current insurance certificate was given to SV to laminate and SV gave in an expense claim for weed killer and raffle tickets. DP expressed his concern about the large sum held in Hall accounts which belonged to the Short Mat Bowls group. SV and AO said the members were aware of this but would remind them. The 100 club results were 1st Sue Moore, 2nd Julian Back and Brenda Rogers and 3rd Yvonne Hughes.


Booking Clerk’s Report AO commented on the large amount of bookings for October but also pointed out that quite a few were for Becky Young’s exercise class and was not sure if this was still running or not. Some payments were also outstanding and AO had tried to contact her several times without success but would try again.  


Correspondence None received.


Maintenance  1) SV thanked DP for smoothing down the strip between the small meeting room and the bar area and it was agreed to leave it unpainted, SV to do simple warning notice re slope into bar area to and from main Hall 2) No information on new corner lights, current ones still working ok. 3) A conversation between RO and man who was involved with original erection of Hall confirmed the corner downpipe did just run into a soakaway. Committee will monitor if any problems with drainage and if necessary arrange re-furb of the soakaway. 4) Report from BW that some people having trouble with lock of front door, DP to check and oil if needed. 5) GB felt the buddleia at the pub end of the car park needed cutting back and agreed to do it. 6) SV had bought some anti-mould spray and would treat the wall of the bottom cupboard to right of sink at rear of kitchen.7) SV had arranged re-polish of main floor for Wed 29th Oct, and asked AO to make sure Mrs Rabbitts was aware of this.


 Fund raising   1) Wrong Un had made a small profit of £90 and there had been some positive feedback on it. 2) Arrangements for the quiz on 25th were underway, SV had put up posters and was helping RO with delivery of the flyers, also info in the magazine. Set up to be from 4.30, children’s party in until 4. SV to buy drinks and prizes, GB to buy crisps and nuts. DM providing filled rolls to sell on the evening. SV to ask if Daggs will run bar and asked if either DP or RO could assist if it got busy. SV will sit on door for entry and raffle but would appreciate help from another committee member on this. SV and DM have both offered raffle prizes and RO and AO to give one of bottles donated by Roseen and Drew. SV had asked in an e mail if DM providing scrap paper.


AOB   1) BW told us about the storage problem for art exhibition display boards. Hall happy for smaller items to go in loft over front door. Committee will let BW know if have any ideas of place for larger items.  


Date of next meeting  Monday 3rd November at 7.30pm followed by AGM at 8pm