Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 1st December 2014


Present               G Baker, E Brooks, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan


Apologies/Absent       D Mattick, B Wigmore  


Minutes of    previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report  DP had produced both the monthly report and an analysis of the finances for 2013/4. He had completed returns for both the Community Council for Somerset and the Performing Rights Society and the online questionnaire re licensing. A further £100 had been paid into the Hall account on behalf of the short mat bowls group which made a total of £780 being held for them. The analysis showed an improvement in hiring receipts and also mentioned we are more than covering the cost of the licence from the related charges so it was agreed to reduce fee for serving alcohol at an event to £10. The 100 club results were - Special Christmas prize, Ann Orpwood, Monthly draw 1st Jan Schlechter, 2nd June Brewster and 3rd Paul Burlison.


Booking Clerk’s Report Becky Young not holding classes in December, unclear at the moment if they will re-start in New Year. A couple of extra bookings connected with Christmas such as the school nativity play, the church Christmas Fair and the Rec Field Christmas Bingo. We then have a break from the 18th with no bookings until the New Year.


Correspondence Community Buildings Newsletter, SV not had time to read. She had also sent e mail to DM with formal request for PC grant towards floor treatment, this to be put to their next meeting.


Maintenance  1) SV still to apply anti-mould spray to wall of the bottom cupboard to right of sink at rear of kitchen. 2)  Use of the product recommended by the contractors had to be abandoned as it would not dry properly and left surface smeared. Mrs Rabbitts to return to her usual product and try to avoid Tuesdays so floors not wet for short mat bowls that evening. 3) Ref. last month’s AOB, it was confirmed we need to look at the overhanging tree situation in the children’s play area, in the light. 4) SV had made some preliminary enquiries about dishwashers via Google and Community Council, the latter to come back with info on what other halls have done. It was suggested at the meeting SV contact both Stoke and Kilmersdon Halls to see if they can help with this.


 Fund raising   Not covered except to confirm date of next fete meeting (Wed 10th).


AOB   1) BW not present so storage of art exhibition display boards and smaller items, (which could go in loft over foyer) was not discussed. 2) SV had received call from Art Group re use of projector but had explained they needed to consult with Graham Harris before use. The latter has been unwell so no real progress on offer to add equipment to Hall insurance. 3) GB felt a concrete stump near the stone bench, left when a wire fence was taken down, was a hazard, DP agreed to arrange its removal. 4) AO asked if we could make it known that we would like to replace the current rather rusty fridge if anyone is getting rid of a suitable replacement. SV to ask in magazine. DP said it also needed ventilation at the back and would insert a grid in the top of the unit. We closed the meeting and then put up the decorations.



Date of next meeting  Monday 5th January at 8.00pm.