Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on  5th January 2015


Present               E Brooks, A Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan


Apologies/Absent       G Baker, D Mattick, B Wigmore  


Minutes of    previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report  DP to send monthly report later. Various bills had been paid including the window cleaner and floor re-surfacing company. Cheque for £200 had been received from Parish Council towards latter bill. SV gave in expenses claim for Christmas chocolates for Mrs Rabbitts and DP had bought whisky for accountant Graham King. 100 club finished for its year’s run, plan to re-start in March.


Booking Clerk’s Report No written report, EB commented that had seen Becky Young planning to re-start classes on 7th Jan, although BY had not informed booking clerks.


Correspondence 1) Community Buildings Newsletter, SV had now read this and had responded to consultation referred to in it about the new Charity Commission guide. She was concerned that at 32 pages long it was unlikely to be read by many and felt a brief outline of trustee duties, preferably as hard copy, would be more useful and had said this in consultation reply. 2) Letter from Parish Council accompanying cheque had been received, thank you e mailed back.  3) Thatch newsletter, Community Council asking for donations of used stamps, SV has details if needed. Advice and training offered for community groups to help people save money with energy bills, SV to ask Graham Harris if interested. Article on de-fibrillators prompted brief discussion. DP had heard of some being put on exterior of Halls with code needed to unlock (after ringing 999 to get it) thus reducing risk of vandalism. To discuss further at next meeting.


Maintenance  1) SV still to apply anti-mould spray to wall of the bottom cupboard to right of sink at rear of kitchen. 2) SV had made further enquiries about dishwashers, could not find any local hall which had one, Community Council still to let SV have contact details for one which has. DP commented that the lack of drying was an issue as items came out wet so there would have to be racks in place to dry them on. Will continue to consider but would need to be able to address this point. 3) Concrete stump near stone bench still needs removing. 4) Tree overhanging play area to view in light.

5) Fridge – DM had lead for replacement but fell through, SV to ask in Parish Mag, DP measured height – max 886mm – to fit space under work surface, will also need ventilation grid on top of latter.


 Fund raising   Not covered


AOB   1) BW not present so storage of art exhibition display boards and smaller items, (which could go in loft over foyer) was not discussed. 2) Graham Harris, for LOMCA, had decided to pass ownership of projector etc. and therefore inclusion in our insurance, over to Hall. DP noted that equipment did not need to be named separately as within the £1000 limit for single item. Graham still planning to produce leaflet to help with use and had also identified need to have secure place to store lead and remote. We closed the meeting and then took down the decorations.



Date of next meeting  Monday 2nd February at 8.00pm.