Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 04th May 2015


Present               G Baker, E Brooks, D Mattick, A Orpwood, R.Orpwood, D Pattison S Vaughan,

B Wigmore  


Minutes of    previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report DP had paid various bills including, rates, cleaning and for new corner lights. He had started a review of the storage situation in the Hall and will continue with this. SV received cheque for quiz expenses and gave in a claim for various “housekeeping” items.100 club draw results as follows:1st Wendy and Des Worley, 2nd Shelagh Haywood, 3rd David Sparkes.


Booking Clerk’s Report A fairly quiet month ahead with half term week at the end. However there was a christening at the start of the month, the election due on the 7th and a police group meeting on the 20th. AO had clarified booking dates for equipment with the Vobster. She had also received a request for parking from Halecombe quarry. SV felt we needed to qualify our agreement to this to ensure no clash with any busy Hall event. AO to contact quarry to establish likely numbers parking etc. and to let them know any Hall dates which we would want them to avoid.


Correspondence 1) SV had received Promotor’s programme from Take Art but advised the committee she was not planning to organise an event this year due to poor response from last year’s. 2) Community Council’s Newsletter also received. SV pointed out article on funding available and help offered for applications by the CCS, although no current requirement. Also noted information on renewal of personal licences now due, will check with CCS if this applies to Hall’s premises licence. 3) SV had written to Mr Brook re rubbish on his land adjacent to Hall. He had rung to thank her and announced plan to offer land to Parish Council for graveyard extension or memorial garden.


Maintenance 1) SV had met with Caroline and Graham Harris to discuss dishwashers. They are going to consider the options and come back to us with a request to buy one when ready. ALC have offered a contribution to this, we understand 50%. 2) Still too dark to view tree overhanging play area 3) Lights on front right corner of building and leak under hand washing sink both actioned by DM, SV thanked him. He had also provided socket protectors as requested by EB 4) SV had noticed 3yr electrical check due, may be better to leave to same time as PAT in summer, will check with Miller Electrics. 5) Maintenance Day confirmed for Mon 1st June from 10am, to check then if walls need re-painting.


Fund raising 1) Quiz had been very successful with 12 teams and made a good profit, similar to autumn quiz. Pete, (DM is contact) who ran that one has offered to do another this autumn. Committee gave choice of dates to DM to pass on. 2) Fete; committee needs to man welly throwing as well as raffle sales/programme draw stall, details to be sorted at next meeting.


AOB 1) DM reported Graham Harris planning to install secure box inside existing cupboard for projector equipment as felt widely known padlock number made it insecure. He will need to liaise with booking clerks on this and DM suggested record kept of users to enable tracking of any damages. 2) DM for Parish Council, suggested Magna Carta tea party in Hall day after fete, we will await booking from either WI or ALC. PC also to arrange defibrillator to fix to outside of Hall 3) Risk Assessment agreed ok to sign off, SV to laminate 2 copies to go up in Hall. 4) Further discussion on possible storage of Art Exhibition boards. Will review this following completion of audit by DP.


Date of next meeting Monday 1st June 8.00pm. Note same date as Maintenance Day.