Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 1st June 2015


Present               G Baker, D Mattick, A Orpwood, R.Orpwood, D Pattison S Vaughan,

B Wigmore


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed after change to Step in Stone from Halecombe.


Treasurer’s Report Little activity in previous month. SV gave DP claim for Quiz shield engraving which he had already incorporated into the accounts and reminded him of a previous expense claim not yet paid. 100 club draw results as follows: 1st Alf Smith, 2nd Vicky Higgins, 3rd Sandra O’Sullivan.


Booking Clerk’s Report A busy month ahead with the WI AGM event on the 4th and some extra LOMCA events, in addition to the usual weekly and monthly bookings. AO to contact the Step in Stone group to clarify details of their parking request. SV to e mail signed copy of Hall Risk Assessment completed by DM to AO for inclusion with hirers’ booking forms.


Correspondence  None received.


Maintenance 1) Caroline and Graham Harris still considering their dishwasher proposal. 2) Committee viewed tree overhanging play area earlier in the day and agreed needs reducing. SV and DP to contact tree surgeons to check if possible to do work at this time of year and to get quotes if ok. 3) SV had agreed with Miller Electrics to do both 3yr electrical check and PAT in August, to arrange nearer the time. 4) There had been an incident of drain pipe at the side of the Hall being broken by a car and DM had replaced this and been re-imbursed for materials by the driver. 5) AO and SV had noticed during the maintenance session earlier that the flooring in both the disabled and gents toilets was in poor condition and there was also some rusting around a sink and a toilet plus some gloss paintwork in need of refurbishment. Committee agreed to look into this and discuss at next meeting.


Fund raising 1) Fete, SV agreed to man raffle sales/programme draw stall all day apart from a short break, will help set up from 11. BW also offered help with this. No staff for wellie throwing yet.


AOB 1) Box for storing projector equipment now inside cupboard labelled “tablecloths”. AO to speak to Graham to clarify that Hall need to be the ones to change the padlock code on this to advise hirers, it was suggested the change done at our monthly meeting. 2) DM raised point that cupboard with the stopcock in is locked with notice on saying Graham Harris and SV have key. SV had forgotten about this and will check her keys. However committee felt stopcock should be completely accessible. SV to investigate further. 3) Risk Assessment copies up in Hall. 4) DM gave further information about proposed purchase of a defibrillator which the Parish Council is asking village organisations to contribute to. Committee agreed to a donation in principle but to wait to decide on the amount until result of PC’s application for various grants and commercial donations known. 5) DP gave us details of his survey on storage in the Hall. It was agreed that either a cupboard or shelves be put up in the small store room and items there not in regular use put in the lofts or discarded. DP suggested converting the front panel of the stage so it could be raised which would enable the Art Exhibition boards to be stored underneath at one end. It was likely the short mats would still have to be accessed from the side as it would be difficult to reach the second mat from the front panel. DP would try to get this work done in time for the Art Exhibition in September.  6) Once further items are stored in the lofts it was felt we should compile a list of contents both in the inventory and on display in the Hall.



Date of next meeting Monday 6th July 8.00pm.