Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 6th July 2015


Present ††††††††††††† E Brooks, D Mattick, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan, B Wigmore


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed


Treasurerís Report The insurance and electricity bills had been paid plus the lottery licence. We had received £340 from the fete. DP had continued the work to improve storage with assistance from RO and planned to show committee progress in small storeroom and under the stage, after the meeting. He had also met with Simon Biddlecombe re the overgrown tree and agreed for him to do the work later in the year.100 club draw results as follows: 1st Anthea Brooks, 2nd Kim Bone, 3rd Roger Orpwood.


Booking Clerkís Report Still busy much of July but tailing off as school holidays approach. The quarry had replied about their requested use of our car park which would only be for 2 days and did not clash with a busy Hall booking. AO and SV to arrange day in August to do inventory, BW offered to help if needed.


Correspondence †2 items by e mail from the Community Council for Somerset. 1) Newsletter, including information to propose candidate for Trustee of the Year 2) Press Release re the National Village Halls Forum who are urging the Government to scrap VAT on Hall building works.


Maintenance 1) Caroline and Graham Harris still considering their dishwasher proposal. 2) Tree, see Treasurerís report. 3) SV to arrange for Miller Electrics to do both 3yr electrical check and PAT in August 4) Still need to consider condition of flooring in both the disabled and gents toilets and decide on any action.

Fund raising Quiz planned for 31st October, leave discussing to Sept and Oct meetings.


AOB 1) Projector equipment access situation still unclear. Currently code on lock would have to be given to hirer and changed by committee regularly, previously suggested this done at our monthly meeting. Committee raised idea of using padlock with keys instead. However would need to be one with strong keys and would require physical handing over of key to hirer. No conclusion reached. 2) Graham had moved the LOMCA equipment from cupboard under the sink near the bar and put in the one to left of rear sink. However on checking committee found stopcock under rear sink after all! No idea why we thought it was under the other one. SV to do notices making clear where it is. There is also a stopcock in the disabled toilet which cuts off all water not just the kitchen. 3) No further info on proposed purchase of a defibrillator by Parish Council. 4) Further to improved storage work (see treasurerís report) we will need list of contents of lofts both to put in the inventory and to display in Hall. 5) Committee do not know location of water meter, SV will ask Bristol Water 6) DM felt we should have info re route of drain across car park, SV said condition had been checked some years ago and would search records to see if have a plan.


Date of next meeting †Monday 7th September 8.00pm.† No meeting in August