Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


Draft Minutes of Meeting Held on 7th Sept 2015


Present               G Baker, D Mattick, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan, B Wigmore


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed


Treasurer’s Report The alcohol/entertainments licence fee had been paid, with half re-imbursed from LOMCA. The main expense however had been for the lopping of the tree in the children’s play area. Expense claims filed by DP and SV. 100 club draw results as follows: August 1st Marguerite Cockroft, 2nd Brenda Wigmore, 3rd Sue Mattick. Sept. 1st Margaret Nicklin, 2nd Kim Bone, 3rd Tony Gould.


Booking Clerk’s Report Back to regular bookings after summer holidays with exercise class re-named Burlesque fitness, Pilates sessions also continuing. Additional bookings included a children’s party, a WI group meeting and three days taken up with the Art and Crafts Exhibition. Inventory had been done by SV and AO in the holidays.


Correspondence  2 items from the Community Council for Somerset. 1) Monthly newsletter with info on purchasing model documents and a company offering free labour for community projects. 2) Announcement of a Funding Portal for Somerset which will have info on all project funding available to anyone with Somerset postcode, just need to register.


Bills from Millers for electrical checks received by both mail and e mail, the latter having been forwarded by SV to DP to arrange payment. Letter from Mendip checking our contact details.


Maintenance 1) Graham Harris had reported views to SV on dishwasher and was proposing a heavy duty domestic machine but had not yet identified a suitable model. Emma Brooks had told SV of possible availability of a second hand industrial machine. DM thought Graham would still prefer domestic one but said he would contact him about this. In the meantime SV to ask EB for more info such as size, types of racks etc. on industrial one. 2) Window in shed had been broken but now repaired, thanks to DP for doing this. 3) SV noted still not discussed whether to upgrade flooring in both the disabled and gents toilets but no action taken on this. 4) In their report Millers had pointed out the support for the cables to the stage lights needed improvement, committee to check these. It had also suggested low energy bulbs, DM to price LED strip lights, leave others until existing bulbs used. Note report is 5 yearly. 5) RO to get mirror for gents loo. 6) SV to weed kill car park for 2nd time. 7) Cigarrett stub bin needs attention, SV gave key to DP to do.7) RO to do yearly revision of fire safety doc. 8) Smoke alarm tested as OK at meeting.


Fund raising Quiz planned for 31st October, RO to update posters, discuss staffing etc.at Oct meeting.


AOB 1) Projector equipment access, Graham now ok with general padlock code being used. 2) SV had put up notices saying where stopcock for kitchen is. 3) SV and DP had both been told location of water meter by Bristol Water and DP had produced plan of water route for Hall. 4) SV unable to find record of route of drains across car park as suggested by DM, asked DP to check his files for bill from Dynorod. 5) BW to ensure Art boards stored safely, probably in small meeting room, before they go under stage. 6) AGM to be on Nov 2nd at 8pm, preceded by committee meeting at 7.30 to sign reports


Date of next meeting  Monday 5th October 8.00pm.