Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 7th Oct 2015


Present               E Brooks, D Mattick, D Pattison, S Vaughan


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed after some minor corrections


Treasurer’s Report Various bills had been paid including for both electrical tests, Chubbs inspection and the electricity use. Annual accounts had been prepared to forward to accountant Graham King. Expense claim given in by SV for weedkiller for car park. Committee agreed to raise quarterly payment to Mrs Rabbitts by £10 and to consider further increase when “living wage” legislation comes into effect. 100 club draw results as follows: 1st Clive and Gill Baker, 2nd Barbara and Dave Turner, 3rd Maurice White.


Booking Clerk’s Report Thanks to Roger Orpwood for dropping in list of bookings in October.  EB now able to confirm Halloween party for FOLs. Other non regular events booked were St Giles’ harvest supper and an engagement party.


Correspondence  1) Monthly Community Buildings newsletter repeating info on Funding Portal and some specific info about funds available. Also a mention of the national minimum wage increase which came into effect from 1st October. 2) Take Art programme for current season.


Maintenance 1) DM to research choice of dishwasher model and liaise with Graham. SV thanked EB for her input but said it seemed clear that a domestic type was currently preferred. 2) Re possible upgrade of flooring in both the disabled and gents toilets, SV wanted to wait until AO present to discuss further. 3) Some work had been done on the support for the cables to the stage lights, DM to complete and also to price LED strip lights. 4) Cigarette stub bin had been repaired, DP has key.5) RO not present but assume still to do yearly revision of fire safety doc. 6) Smoke alarm tested as OK at meeting. 7) DP said front door sticking again, DM to see if reducing depth of wooden board under it helps. 8) DP to look at improving shutting mechanism of gate to children’s play area, pub side of Hall, currently just closed with a chain, also to complete storage upgrade work.


Fund raising Quiz 31st October, RO to update posters and flyers, SV to print, laminate and put up posters and collect team entries. Will print off flyers and distribute to committee members to take round village. SV to buy drinks and ask GB to get peanuts and just small amount crisps as latter, plus few other items, will be on sale on the evening. SV to run raffle and arrange second person to take money on door. DM confirmed would like to borrow Daggs’ laptop again. EB volunteered to run the bar and SV said would organise second person to help. SV to check raffle tickets and also appealed for prizes. DP to provide float.


AOB 1) DP had e mailed copy of Hall insurance doc to Parish Council clerk as requested. DM explained they were sorting out their asset register and confirmed Hall owned by PC but managed by Hall committee. 2) DP had found plan of water pipe route to rear of Hall and would send copy to DM. 3) DP to put together documents such as this and list of items in Hall lofts to display in Hall, exact location to be decided once see how bulky. 4) Next fete meeting soon, committee hoped RO would still be rep.


Date of next meeting  Monday 2nd November at 7.30pm, followed by AGM at 8.00pm.