Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 2nd Nov 2015


Present               G Baker, E Brooks, D Mattick, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan,

B Wigmore


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed after the addition of the names of those absent and change of “water” to “sewer” under point 2 in AOB.


Treasurer’s Report DP had prepared annual accounts for the AGM and these had been checked by the accountant Graham King. The main payment in October was for the cleaning which included the increase agreed by the committee at the previous Hall meeting. DP gave SV cash payment for her earlier weed killer expense claim. 100 club draw results as follows: 1st Des and Wendy Worley, 2nd Daniel and Collette Mears, 3rd Anthea Brooks.


Booking Clerk’s Report A full diary which included several children’s parties in addition to the regular bookings.


Correspondence  None received.


Maintenance 1) Current situation re dishwasher needs discussing, to do at next meeting. 2) Also still to discuss possible upgrade of flooring in both the disabled and gents toilets. 3) Stage cable support work finished and DM had pricing for LED lights. Cost of purchase/installation of these quite high, need to discuss but possibly defer until prices come down, may be eligible for Parish Council grant. 4) RO had completed  revision of fire safety doc and will present at next meeting. 5) DM and SV felt front door shutting ok. 6) DP work re improving shutting mechanism of gate to children’s play area still o/s as is completion of storage upgrade work including display of documentation with location of items stored and route of sewage pipes etc.


Fund raising Quiz 31st October had been a good evening although only 9 teams, so profit just under £200. Thanks sent to DM’s brother in law Pete for organising it. RO agreed to continue to be our fete rep, the first meeting of the year being due on Wed 4th Nov.


AOB 1) AO mentioned how unwieldy the current mop and bucket are. SV to investigate and possibly check with Mrs Rabbitts. She also thanked the Art exhibition group for their card with £50 donation  and BW once again thanked the committee for their much appreciated help with storage.



Date of next meeting  Monday 30th November at 8.00pm. Note this is the Dec meeting as there was a WI Christmas meal planned for the first Monday which 3 committee members were due to attend.