Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 4th Jan 2016


Present   G Baker, E Brooks, D Mattick, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan


Apologies/Absent  B Wigmore


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report DP had paid various bills including Mr Emery’s for the work done in the disabled toilet. He had also produced a budget analysis showing the various sources of income and expenditure which he explained to the committee. He noted that the number of charges made to hirers serving alcohol at their events had dramatically dropped from the previous year. SV to ask WI if £15 charge a factor, will report back to committee to consider if appropriate to reduce fee, maybe to £10. GB and SV gave in expenses claims. 100 club now finished for previous year.


Booking Clerk’s Report Weekly and monthly bookings had resumed and children’ party bookings continued to be popular. Still no payment received for outstanding Burlesque invoices but committee agreed to wait at the moment for contact re a possible restart of the sessions before taking any further action. The Hall had been booked for Thurs 5th May for a police commissioner election, AO to inform Art group in plenty of time.


Correspondence  2 newsletters from Community Council for Somerset, Thatch and Community Buildings. SV pointed out article re funding for defibrillators to DM who will check PC are aware of it.


Maintenance 1) DM to look at dishwasher info from Graham with view to possible purchase. 2) Plumbing issue in disabled toilet solved by Daggs and DP. Skirting repaired and painted by Mr Emery. Rusty marks on wall here and in gents toilets thought to be from previous fixings and could need drilling out but no action planned yet. Gents toilet, stains on wall and floor still need attention. 3) RO to do a simple notice to display in Hall re fire safety doc and create log book for all safety tests to do monthly. SV gave him check sheet for emergency lighting. 4) Smoke alarm initially tested OK at meeting but later battery failing, DP to replace. 5) Once we have log book need to decide where to keep or display it. 6) DP work on gate to children’s play area still o/s, needs better weather. 7) Shed preservative treatment, to look at in the spring. 8) Bulb in gents loo needs replacing with brighter one.


Fund raising No more info on fete. SV suggested start arranging spring quiz, will contact Worleys with provisional date of Sat March 19th.alH


AOB 1) DM gave more info on dog poo bin and after some discussion committee took vote in which the majority agreed to have it sited on a post near the Hall. 2) DP unsure if worth buying new ladder, still ok to do so if required. 3) GB reported concern re electricity used by light at exterior side of Hall, committee felt still needed but DM would look at replacing with an LED low power use type. 4) Storage heater in ladies toilet had been turned off but committee agreed should be left on. 5) AO noted lot of tree debris near Hall, GB to investigate. 6) Boiler overflow still making outside wall wet, SV to remind Daggs to look at it. Meeting was followed by taking down the Xmas decorations.


Date of next meeting  Monday 1st February at 8.00pm.