Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 1st Feb 2016


Present  E Brooks, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan


Apologies/Absent  G Baker, D Mattick, B Wigmore


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report DP had paid Dave Jarvis’s yearly bill and latest wage for Mrs Rabbitts. Expense claim paid to SV plus new ones given in by her and AO. SV reported WI thought £15 alcohol charge not a factor but they would report back again after their committee meeting. However Hall committee agreed not to wait for this and to reduce fee to £10, will still cover costs. 100 club letters to go out with view to re-start in March, SV to duplicate masters. DP suggested future invoices issued with our bank details on to enable direct payment, request organisation’s name to be on ref details.


Booking Clerk’s Report AO suggested putting info on both need to pay charge if serving alcohol and new rate in parish mag, also a reminder of availability at weekends for childrens’ parties etc. Issue of when to charge business rates was raised. A new hirer running Spanish lessons felt would struggle with hire charges. Committee agreed to offer new businesses the non business rate for first 3 sessions on condition it would rise to full business rate after this. Booking clerks had been contacted by an organisation suggesting putting a concert on in Hall mid week in April. However they were looking for an up front payment which committee felt would lead to a financial loss for Hall. RO to pass info on to FOLC in case they are interested in putting show on. RO had completed fire check log book and agreed to keep this up to date and store at home.


Correspondence  2 newsletters from Community Council for Somerset, Thatch and Community Buildings. SV pointed out various content including request for contact details of floor treatment company which she had forwarded. Also received current Take Art programme of their events taking place in Somerset village halls.


Maintenance 1) No action on dishwasher. 2) Rusty marks on wall and floor in gents toilets proving to be hard to remove. DP to look at drilling out stains on wall, still no plan for floor. 3)  Smoke alarm battery replaced, tested ok at meeting. 4) DP work on gate to children’s play area still o/s, needs better weather. 5) Shed preservative treatment, to look at in the spring.


Fund raising No more info on fete. Worleys had confirmed Sat 19th March ok to run quiz. No arrangements needed until March. DP noted would not be available but would organise floats for SV.alH


AOB 1) DP to buy new ladder, committee agreed present one not safe. 2) DM had advised waiting until current lamp over door on car park side of Hall expired and then replacing with LED type. SV to buy one of these so ready when needed. 3) SV had pushed tree debris near toddler equipment shed to one side but still needs bagging up, EB offered to do this. 4) Daggs had replaced unit inside boiler which should have stopped overflow dripping and making outside wall wet. 5) SV had received request from Graham Harris for any information on the building of the Hall for his exhibition. SV asked DP to get archive files out of loft over stage and she will look for any info to pass to Graham.


Date of next meeting  Monday 29th  February at 8.00pm, (this is March meeting, 7th not convenient).