Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT† Minutes of Meeting Held on 2nd May 2016


PresentG Baker, E Brooks, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies/Absent †D Mattick


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed after correction of gents to disabled in 2) Maintenance and from DP to DM in Fund raising.

Treasurerís Report DP had paid Mrs Rabbitts and received the first bank transfer, from the PCC. He had investigated electronic payments but this not possible on a 2 signatory account with HSBC. SV gave in expenses claim for paper towels and loo rolls from Jonesí cash and carry. The 100 club results were 1st Wendy and Des Worley 2nd Ann Orpwood and 3rd Carol Haskins


Booking Clerkís Report †Bookings included the forthcoming election and Christening and Birthday parties, in addition to the regular hirers. SV had been contacted by Vicki Taylor, as chair of Leigh school governors, re putting the Hall in their contingency plan to use in the event of the school being out of action through fire etc. SV had asked her to contact Somerset CC initially as they already have the Hall listed to use in case of emergencies but she would be happy to discuss this further with VT if necessary and the committee had no objection to the Hall being in the schoolís plan.


Correspondence 1) e mail from Vicki Taylor see above. 2) e mail correspondence with Parish Clerk re possible grant and defibrillator donation, see AOB


Maintenance 1) DM not present, no action on dishwasher †2) DP had removed rusted nails from wall in disabled toilet and re-painted it. 3) SV had got quote for replacing flooring in gentís loo. 4) Smoke alarm tested ok at meeting. 4) DPís to look at gate to childrenís play area if time during maintenance day 5) Maintenance day, SV (plus others?) to do shed, Sat. RO to buy wood treatment for this, a big enough one to do the toddler shed too. He will also buy white paint to re-coat woodwork in main Hall when there is time. SV to bring 2 brushes. AO to do some work on kitchen equipment. Other members to do gutter clearing, cleaning outside paintwork/notices etc. 6) Committee decided to have flooring in disabled loo replaced too, SV to get quote and arrange to be done in summer holidays, same time as gentís loo. 7) DP had bought ladder but some adjustment to woodwork under stage needed on Sat to enable it to fit under.


Fund raising. The fete is low on stalls and also helpers to run the event.


AOB It had been agreed between meetings that the Hall should apply for a possible £300 grant from the Parish Council at the same time as agreeing to donate £100 towards the defibrillators. DM had suggested asking the PC if this could be done at the same time, thus only passing over £200 to the Hall. SV had contacted Anthea, Parish Clerk, and was told the matter is to be decided at their meeting on May 16th. This is also their AGM evening and SV had to send in a yearly report. She will be away so DP offered to read it out at the meeting. She will e mail it to both him and the PC as requested.




Date of next meeting †Tuesday 7th June at 8.00pm. Please note change from usual day.