Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 1st Aug 2016


PresentG Baker, E Brooks, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan


Apologies/Absent †D Mattick, B Wigmore


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed.

Treasurerís Report DP had paid bills including the lottery licence, insurance, Mrs Rabbitts and the electricity. We had received a £200 donation from the PC towards the flooring in the toilets, in effect £300 as took into consideration our £100 donation towards the defibrillators. It had come to light that we have not been paying for sewage and this has now been rectified, only backdated a few days from our contact with Bristol Water. SV and AO gave in expenses claims. The 100 club results were for July, 1st John and Jackie Davis 2nd Dave and Mary Mears and 3rd Liz Robinson. For Aug, 1st Graham Harris, 2nd Daniel and Collette Mears and 3rd Margaret Nicklin.


Booking Clerkís Report †We had already received a copy of the August diary by e mail. SV reported a request via Margaret Loten for 20 each of the white plates and bowls for the planned servery in the church. The committee were happy to agree to this. AO and SV to do inventory on Thurs 25th Aug from 11am. EB reported problems with kettles not working but were ok when tested, will monitor.


Correspondence 1) A confirmation letter from Somerset CC Civil Contingencies Unit to confirm we are on the list of potential Rest Centres to be activated in an emergency. 2) Copy of Thatch .3) Community Buildings Newsletter, SV highlighted a few points of interest from both.


Maintenance 1) The work on the flooring in the gents and disabled toilets had been started and was due to be finished the following day. 2) Smoke alarm tested ok at meeting, also clock corrected. 3) The discussion on the dishwasher actually took place after AOB. SV read out a summary of the history of the issue. She stated there would be enough space for a dishwasher if the ALC swapped their cupboard to the immediate left of the fridge with the one to the immediate right of the rear sink, possible as the old crockery in there is now largely being disposed of. Both SV and DP had investigated commercial versions. The ALC had not made a firm choice on a domestic model although several had been listed in a document produced by them last year. After some discussion the committee decided that if we had a dishwasher it should be a commercial one. This was felt to be more suitable due to short running time for various reasons and had been found to work well in other village halls. SV to collect info on the dishwashers in Wanstrow and Beckington and forward to Graham Harris with our position.


Fund raising. None discussed, although committee pleased to note large donation from fete.


AOB 1) GB reported that a car had been parked in the Hall car park for several weeks. SV agreed to put a notice on it asking the owner to contact her and asked the committee to let her know if they find out who owns it. 2) We had all been saddened to hear of the death of Vicky Winks. SV had been on the Hall committee when Vicky was secretary and then for some years, chair. She suggested that a condolence card be sent to Paul Winks on behalf of the committee, which they were happy to agree to.

3) EB asked DP to check if her toddler group is covered on the Hallís public liability insurance.




Date of next meeting †8pm Wednesday 24th Aug. This is the September meeting as we had trouble finding a date most members could attend. We have also fixed the AGM for Monday 7th Nov at 8pm, preceded by a short committee meeting at 7.30. Oct meeting not yet arranged.