Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 24th Aug 2016 (Sept meeting)


Present   E Brooks, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan


Apologies/Absent  G Baker, D Mattick, B Wigmore


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed.


Treasurer’s Report SV received expenses payment from DP and gave in one for weed killer. The bills for the alcohol licence and the PAT testing head been paid. It was noted that Chubb had not been in contact re the usual annual fire extinguisher check. The 100 club results for Sept. were 1st David and Joan Pattison, 2nd Paul Burlison and 3rd Monica Orledge.


Booking Clerk’s Report  The September diary was looking quite full with a session for defibrillator training, quarry meetings and one for the Young Farmers, in addition to our regular bookings. AO and SV re-arranged the inventory date to Wed 31st Aug from 9.30am. As it was the summer holidays the kettles had not been used lately but EB said would check for any further problems during the new term.


Correspondence 1) Quote from plumber re hot water, see maintenance. 2) Copy of Thatch .3) Community Buildings Newsletter, SV highlighted a few points of interest from both.


Maintenance 1) The new flooring in the gents and disabled toilets looked good, the rust around the sink supports in the gents still an issue but on investigation these had proved to be difficult to repair. It was suggested it be looked at again when committee members had more time. 2) SV had obtained a quote from a local plumber for the upgrade of the hot water system with a large tank in the loft but committee felt did not want to proceed with this if a dishwasher was purchased. SV to inform plumber not going ahead at the moment. 3) There had been a visit to Beckington village hall to view their dishwasher attended by DP plus Joan Pattison and Graham Harris both on behalf of the ALC. Their system appeared to work well, although did require 2 people to lift the trays of dishes in and out. However SV had just received an e mail from Graham Harris referring to a side loading machine the ALC may want to consider rather than one where lifting involved. No one on the committee had any other information on this and so felt unable to make any decision although we were concerned about possible extra space needed in addition to the proposed swap of one of the ALC cupboards.  DP thought GH intended to put a proposal forward with his latest suggestion. SV to contact GH with our current position plus confirm more information needed including some idea of what percentage of the cost the ALC would contribute, no further progress possible until a firm proposal received.


Fund raising. None discussed.


AOB 1) SV thanked Clive Baker for arranging for the owner of a car parked for a long time at the Hall to remove it. 2) SV had sent a condolence card on behalf of the committee to Paul Winks and many of us had attended Vicky’s funeral. 3) DP had passed the public liability insurance document to EB who is satisfied her toddler group is covered by it. 4) There was an access issue in the large store room and DP suggested he move the bowls cupboard into the small store which should solve this. 5) Graham Harris had reported a small grey coffee ALC table missing, the committee checked but could not see it.




Date of next meeting  8pm Monday October 3rd. Don’t forget the AGM is on Monday 7th Nov at 8pm, preceded by a short committee meeting at 7.30..



Signed Chair/Secretary                                                                       Treasurer

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