Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


†DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 3rd Oct 2016


Present†E Brooks, D Mattick, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan


Apologies/Absent †G Baker, B Wigmore


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed, with some minor details changed, then signed.

Treasurerís Report DP had paid several bills including the electricity. He would send the annual accounts to be audited before the AGM in November. Chubb had now been in touch re the fire extinguisher check. The 100 club results for Oct. were 1st David and Joan Pattison, 2nd Barbara and Dave Turner and 3rd Julian Back and Brenda Rogers. Draw for Nov. to be made at Dec meeting.


Booking Clerkís Report Another very full diary for the coming month with the Art and Craft exhibition, Harvest Supper and FOLís Halloween disco in addition to the regular bookings. SV noted she had not received copy of inventory, AO explained still needed info on contents of lofts in order to complete, investigated this after meeting. The invoice for the Young Farmers now sent to NFU. Large kettle still causing problems, OK on first boil but not when try to boil again.


Correspondence Programme from Take Art.



SV apologised to committee and Graham Harris in his absence for missing the attachment on his e mail re the dishwasher last month. As not all members had seen it she read it out to the committee. A point was made that a dishwasher was very unlikely to pay for itself through increased bookings even though some existing hirers in addition to the ALC may use it. However the majority of the committee felt we should just look on it as an upgrade to the Hallís facilities and agreed in theory to continue with investigating the choice of a model, including the Amika option and the cost of the various work connected with installing it. To aid with this SV to contact Roundstone Catering Equipment who were very helpful to Beckington Village Hall with their dishwasher purchase. If possible to arrange for a representative to come to Leigh to give advice. Issues needing clarity include the heat of the water coming into the machine, water softener, drainage, possible pump etc. The financial offer from the ALC seemed reasonable on figures they gave but we need to check total cost involved before accepting. SV to advise Graham Harris of progress so far.


Fund raising None discussed.


AOB 1) Storage: two issues had arisen since last meeting. A)The table tennis tables are in danger of being ruined by the chairs which are often pushed right against them, both the clips at the sides and the nets at the ends being vulnerable. DP and RO to consider some sort of physical barrier to protect them. B) The bowls cupboard was obstructed recently by the heavy ALC chairs usually kept at the back of the small store. David Sparks had agreed to keep an eye on this and AO will also pass message on where possible. 2) SV had been told the dog excrement bins at the Rec Field were not being emptied regularly enough. EM to keep an eye on the one near the Hall and contact Mendip if it appears to be too full. 3) AGM, DP queried if any arrangements needed. SV said will produce annual report and also read out treasurerís report in his absence. To hold in small meeting room with extra chairs if required.

4) AO reminded us sink in gents loo still needs replacing, RO to price and report back.


Date of next meeting †7.30pm Monday November 10th followed by the AGM at 8pm.