Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of AGM Held on 7th Nov 2016 8.00pm


Present   G Baker, E Brooks, C Cudmore, G Harris, B Loten, M Loten, A Orpwood, R Orpwood, S. Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies  D Pattison and D Mattick


The Meeting was opened by the current chair S. Vaughan


Minutes of last year’s meeting were agreed and signed after correction re date of election of next committee.


Annual Report and Accounts were presented to the meeting by SV and RO (the latter on behalf of treasurer DP who had sent in his report before the meeting), these having been approved earlier by the committee. DP had reported on good balances with income increasing partly due to a big increase in equipment hire. There had also been less maintenance costs than in the previous year.


In the Review of the Year Summary section of her Annual Report SV was pleased to record that the dishwasher project, debated throughout the year, appeared to be about to come to fruition. In the summer the committee had been pleased to contribute to a defibrillator which had been installed on the outside of the Hall. Among the maintenance tasks had been the replacement of the flooring in the gents and disabled toilets and SV thanked the Parish council for their contribution towards this work. The new Pilates class appeared to be successful and was now operating on full hire charge terms after an initial reduced rate period to enable it to become established. The two quizzes in the year had only had moderate attendance and consequently only made moderate profits. However financially the village fair made up for this with a very good pay out of nearly £500. SV noted again no change this year in the make up of the committee and commented on how their different strengths contributed to a very efficient committee.


Election of 2016/2017 Committee

AO, DM, DP, EB, GB, RO, BW and SV had already all agreed to stand again, SV checked with those present that no one had changed their minds. We would appoint all officers at the next ordinary meeting as is the correct procedure for the AGM.



ML pointed out error in date of committee election in 2015 minutes. CC told us the piece of land adjoining the Hall car park had now been formally adopted by the Parish Council. He also thanked the committee for their work and reminded us that the PC were shortly to decide their budget for the coming year so if we were considering any grant applications to submit these soon. GH also thanked the committee for their support and maintenance of the Hall and SV replied that the arrangement with the LOMCA group was mutually beneficial. RO raised issue of location of the large jigsaw created by the art group. Committee members present agreed this could be erected on the wall of the meeting room as long as it did not cover the electric switches. RO to inform Richard Blaker of the decision.


The meeting was closed at 8.23pm.