Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT† Minutes of Meeting Held on 7th Nov 2016


PresentG Baker, E Brooks, an Orpwood, R Orpwood, S Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies/Absent D Mattick, D Pattison


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed.

Treasurerís Report There was no monthly report for October as DP absent. However he had already sent SV his yearly report which runs to 30th September each year. 100 club draws planned to take place at next meeting he is present.


Booking Clerkís Report RO commented that the coming month was one of the fullest we have had for a long time with plenty of one off events in addition to our usual hirers. AO had received various payments from bookings and was keeping these until DP returned. RO had removed the cupboard to take the dishwasher which was due to be installed the following week and had fitted some floor tiles to give a better base for this.


Correspondence SV had forwarded a document from the Charity Commission to the committee by e mail and had also received the newsletter from the Community Council for Somerset, this not read yet.



1) The electric work to enable the dishwasher had taken place and been paid for. The dishwasher was due to be installed on Monday 11th November. SV to let the fitter in at 9am and to let those interested know if the instruction time likely to be much different to 11.30am. Following this she will also put together some simple instructions for use to be displayed near it with an explanation as to what it was suitable for e.g. not practical for just a few cups.2) Sink in gentís toilet, RO had priced this as around £85 to replace but noted the existing sink itself is not damaged, there are no leaks and we could consider rubbing down the rusty supports and treating with Hammerite. 3) AO raised 3 new issues which SV agreed to discuss at future meetings. A) the pruning of the lower tree branches in the car park, B) a suggestion that we paint all the kitchen cupboards and C) the scrapping of the hall stand, possibly replaced with a couple of shelves


Fund raising RO told SV the next fete meeting in a couple of weeks and volunteered to once again be our representative.


AOB 1) the table tennis tables are still vulnerable but there had been no time for any permanent solution to be investigated. RO and DP intend to look at scrapping the table trolley in the coming months which may help. 2) no more problems with the bowls cupboard. 3) EM reported the dog excrement bin near the Hall appears to be being emptied regularly. 4) the committee then read through the Annual Report and Annual Accounts and agreed to accept them as accurate summaries of the year to be read out at the AGM which was following immediately after the committee meeting.


Date of next meeting 8.00pm Wednesday November 30th as SV away on usual 1st Monday. To put up Christmas decorations after the meeting.