Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 30th Nov (Dec meeting) 2016


Present   E Brooks, D Mattick, Ann Orpwood, R Orpwood, S Vaughan


Apologies/Absent G Baker, D Pattison, B Wigmore


Election of Officers SV, AO, RO and DP in his absence all agreed to stand again in their roles.


Minutes of previous meeting were signed by SV


Treasurer’s Report There was no monthly report for November as DP absent.


Booking Clerk’s Report Some Christmas related bookings in December, in addition to the regular ones, up to the 19th when Hall empty due to the holidays.


Correspondence SV had received bill for dishwasher by e mail and had paid it the day of the meeting. Paper copy since received by AO. SV had Community Buildings Newsletter but no time to check for any relevant articles, will do so for next meeting.



1) Dishwasher now installed and had been used successfully for first time two days before by the LOMCA group. DM had put together an information folder re the dishwasher use which included advice sheets from SV, his own check lists and copies of the manufacturer’s instruction booklets. The folder was given to AO for some feedback as to the format of the final folder as some of the information may be duplicated. DM to source and fit a lockable switch in place of existing one, this will need a padlock to secure it. There had been a request from LOMCA for a permanent light to be fitted under the work surface adjacent to the dishwasher and EB offered to donate her spare battery operated one. SV asked if this could be in place for 16th Dec for LOMCA booking.2) Sink in gent’s toilet, still to do. 3) the pruning of the lower tree branches in the car park, SV said could ask Frank Higgins to do with chain saw and DM also has one of these, no definite plan decided 4) the suggestion that we paint all the kitchen cupboards had mixed support, need to discuss again 5) the scrapping of the hall stand, possibly replaced with a couple of shelves not discussed


Fund raising RO had attended first fete meeting of the year, Hall to help in similar way to recent years.


AOB 1) the table tennis tables are still vulnerable but there had been no time for any permanent solution to be investigated. RO and DP intend to look at scrapping the table trolley in the coming months which may help. 2) AO asked if we could have a better extractor fan as existing one not coping with steam when cooking taking place. Initially DM to ask relation who is a builder, if not able to help we will look at alternatives.


We then closed the meeting and went to put up the Christmas decorations in the Hall.


Date of next meeting 8.00pm Wednesday 4th January 2017. Note Mon 2nd Bank Holiday and committee preferred an alternative.