Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 4th January 2017 †


Present†E Brooks, Ann Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan, B Wigmore,


Apologies/Absent G Baker, D Mattick

Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed


Treasurerís Report The Report showed a high amount of income with relatively low expenditure so the amount carried forward had risen. However DP noted the bill from Chubb had been much higher than before mainly due to some of the extinguishers needing replacing. SV gave in a new expense claim. No 100 club draw now until March. Draws had been made between meetings results as follows. Nov draw 1st Drew Houston, 2nd Sue Rodford, 3rd David Sparkes. Dec draw 1st Shelagh Haywood, 2nd Sandra OíSullivan, 3rd Vicky Higgins. Special annual Dec prize Cathy Cudmore.


Booking Clerkís Report A busy looking month ahead with some one-off social events booked in addition to the regular hirers.


Correspondence SV had received the Thatch Newsletter with general information such as info on Village Agents. The November Community Buildings Newsletter included an article asking venues to check if they needed a TV licence. SV will check with Caroline re LOMCA to see if relevant. The December issue had several points worth noting. 1) A listing of all ACAS information sheets which can be useful for any problems or procedures the Hall faces and are available free of charge from the CCS website, SV has password.† 2) Reminder to booking clerks that it is not legal for anyone under 18 to make a booking unless countersigned by an adult 3) Suggestion that we check our insurance to see if covered if anyone hiring our chairs or tables should need to make a claim and 4) A warning that a certain brand of defibrillator has proved faulty and is being recalled, not ours!



1) DM had bought a lockable switch for the dishwasher but had not had time to fit it, this now being done by Daggs. SV had bought padlock to secure it and will get spare keys made for this. Plan would be for LOMCA to have one, booking clerks another to give out when hirer other than LOMCA plans to use dishwasher and SV to keep 2 spares. AO to get copy of simplified instructions for use from Caroline although this should mainly only be needed for starting machine not salt changing process as this done monthly by LOMCA. AO will also show them where the light is fitted. 2) Sink in gentís toilet, only needs work on supports not replacing, RO to do when has time with help if required. 3) The pruning of the lower tree branches in the car park, SV said Frank Higgins had agreed to do with chain saw but needed to arrange when. 4) Suggestion to paint all the kitchen cupboards put on back burner. 5) Scrapping of the hallstand, EB to offer on village website, then on e bay if no response.


Fund raising None discussed


AOB 1) Table tennis tables still an issue. SV offered to list trolley on CCS website before scrapping. 2) DM had contacted Martin Miller re improved extractor fan but had not yet had reply. 3) Date for quiz suggested as Sat 11th March, SV to check Worleys can do.


We then closed the meeting and went to take down the Christmas decorations in the Hall.


Date of next meeting 8.00pm Monday 6th February.