Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 6th February 2017  


Present  G Baker, E Brooks, Ann Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan


Apologies/Absent D Mattick, B Wigmore


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed


Treasurer’s Report  Bills had been paid for the cleaning, fire extinguishers, grass cutting and the music license.  On the income side, a good proportion of the payments from those signed up for the 100 club had been received and amongst other income we had a £20 donation from the disposal of the Hallstand, thanks was given to EB for arranging this. DP had produced an analysis of income and expenditure for the year ending 30th September 2016. This showed income had gone up by 10% compared to the previous year with expenditure down, the latter mainly due to no major project.


Booking Clerk’s Report  An average sort of month ahead with all the usual hirers plus one children’s party. The quarry exhibition had taken place the previous Friday.


Correspondence 1) SV had received the January bulletin from the recently formed National Village Halls Network. They are campaigning on various issues, committee did consider contributing comment re charge for music copyright licence but realised we do actually have music in the Hall quite frequently throughout the year. 2) SV had also received the current Take Art programme, passed to RO to look through.



1) Dishwasher lock and key system now in place. 2) Supports to sink in gent’s toilet still on “to do” list. 3) Low tree branches in car park, committee decided to ask person who did our previous tree work to attend to this. DP to let SV have contact number and she will arrange. 4) RO and DP had produced report on alternate storage for tables and scrapping the trolley. SV felt this did not result in much more space but committee decided the tables would be more accessible without the trolley. SV to contact those who had replied to her initial notice via the Community Council site. 5) This does not address the problem with the table tennis tables. SV said Daggs felt the lever mechanism could be changed so no longer protruding, RO and DP agreed but no time table to do this arranged. Also still  need protection for the nets. 6) Extractor fan in kitchen. DP felt, having recently used the dishwasher, that it was mainly the cooker causing a condensation problem, AO agreed. SV read out choices of action as listed for us by DM. However AO and RO suggested considering cooker hood instead and would arrange for a friend experienced in this area to give some advice on this, especially where the venting for it would go.

7) A maintenance morning was arranged starting at 10am on Saturday 6th May.


Fund raising Quiz Sat 11th March– RO and DP agreed to run bar, SV to buy drinks, GB to get crisps. RO to update poster and flyer. SV to print off, laminate and put up posters. RO to print off flyers and deliver for insertion into Parish Mag. SV put event on Leigh Facebook to ask Chris to put on website.


AOB DP asked if we could order 2 large cutlery baskets for the dishwasher, SV to do. Info on dishwasher, apart from simple instruction sheet for hirers, to go on display in Hall with other information re storage etc once facility for this in place.


Date of next meeting 8.00pm Monday 6th March.