Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 3rd April 2017 †


PresentAnn Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan, B Wigmore


Apologies/Absent† G Baker, E Brooks, D Mattick

Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed


Treasurerís Report Various bills had been paid including those for the Community Council membership and the window cleaner. We had received a £50 donation when passing the table trolley on to another Hall. Profit from quiz was over £270, more than we usually make as turnout very good. SVís expense claim for quiz expenses etc. paid. 100 club, results as follows. 1st Jan Horn, 2nd Daggs and 3rd Margaret Loten.

Booking Clerkís Report Due to the Easter holidays there were fewer bookings than usual. It was noted that leaving the chairs out overnight for the recent school play had meant the cancellation of both yoga and bowls, in future years committee members willing to assist with putting them away and getting them out again to avoid losing income and disappointing hirers.


Correspondence 1) RO had received notification of a planning application for the conversion of the strip of land adjacent to the Hall car park to be turned into a graveyard, no objections from the committee. 2) SV had newsletters from the National Village Halls Network and the Community Council for Somerset. In the latter there was advice to remove any electrical socket covers as it had been found that over time these made the sockets more dangerous and explaining that undamaged sockets do not present a danger for children or anyone. SV to advise toddler group and include info in parish mag.3) SV had a quote from Permaframe re the Hall front door lock replacement.



1) RO planning to do work on sink in gentís toilet in near future. 2) New arrangement of table storage had already proved very popular. SV congratulated DP and RO on their action on this. 3) The issue of condensation in the kitchen is still unresolved. SV had found the system in the Bell unsuitable for Hall and had not been able to get any advice from Roundstone Catering Equipment, although they had confirmed dripping from crockery taken out of dishwasher unavoidable. †AO felt LOMCA managing this issue at the moment but will monitor. 4) Bin for road salt in loft. Review before next winter re securing outside.5) All taps in the kitchen needed attention, DP to investigate if repairable and if† not to buy new taps and contact SV to get in touch with the local plumber. 6) There had been a serious problem with the lock on the Hall front door and SV had now received a quote from Permaframe for replacement which the committee agreed to accept. SV to arrange time for work to be done. 7) Maintenance morning from 10am on Saturday 6th May. Jobs to be done include raking the gravel to even out, clearing the gutters and washing exterior window frames and sills. SV said she would like to re-paint the store room if time and will buy the paint to do this.8) There had been a misunderstanding about which shed roof needed attention, this is actually the toddler equipment one not the Hallís.


Fund raising †See Treasurerís Repoart.


AOB.1) Still no info re storage, dishwasher etc up in kitchen. 2) DP noted one of the flower tubs needs levelling and 3) the side door leading to car park needs easing.


Date of next meeting 8.00pm Wed 3rd May due to 1st Monday being a Bank Holiday