Leigh on Mendip Memorial Hall Committee


DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on 3rd May 2017 †


PresentG Baker, E Brooks, D Mattick, Ann Orpwood, R Orpwood, D Pattison, S Vaughan,


Apologies/Absent† B Wigmore

Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed


Treasurerís Report Payments had been made for the rates and the cleaning, DP presented the monthly accounts to the committee but nothing further needing comment. 100 club, results as follows. 1st Chris Cudmore, 2nd Sandra OíSullivan and 3rd Vicky Higgins.

Booking Clerkís Report In addition to regular bookings there was a possible one for funeral refreshments, one for the Bell Ringers Race Night and for the coming local election. Re the latter it was suggested by DP that we could hold future elections in the small meeting room thus avoiding having to cancel bookings. SV to ask Caroline Harris for her thoughts on this during coming election and follow this up by contacting Mendip.


Correspondence 1) SV received Thatch newsletter from the Community Council for Somerset. Info mainly on Village Agents and fund raising sources. 2) SV also had the invoice from Permaframe for the new door lock which she passed to DP for payment.



1) RO had almost finished the work on sink in gentís toilet. 2) The kitchen taps had all been re-seated by DP but there was a knocking sound in the system when they were used and this had not yet been solved. Committee members to continue to investigate this. 3) AO said LOMCA still managing condensation issue, no permanent solution had been found by the committee so at the moment no further action to be taken. 4) SV thanked DP for organising the information folder and putting it up in the kitchen. 5) DM to update risk assessment and also get quote for replacing existing lamps with LED type. 6) SV to weed kill car park as soon as practical. 7) Maintenance morning from 10am on Saturday 6th May. Gutters to be cleared, flower tub levelled, possibly ease side door, investigate moving gravel into holes in car park, wash exterior sills etc. and SV to re-paint the store room.


Fund raising †RO made some rota arrangements for the Hallís contribution at the June Fair.



AO mentioned we had run out of bin bags, SV to buy next day

Fire alarm was tested


Date of next meeting 8.00pm Mon 5th June